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as you can see from the national survey most of the Japanese do not want to forgive Cuba.
I guess it because our nation is very proud, if someone tell about us something bad we can remember that for a long time.
Few of the citizens who vote "No" and "Yes" sent me messages about why they vote for their choice. I'm want to let Cuba understand so i'll write some of their reason here (Without names of course):

"I do not accept apologize, we are Japanese not Pu*****"

"He just behaving that way just because their nation is seeing cornered. Apologies are accepted but confidence is slowly winning."

"Emperor of Japan isn't just a President, it's more like deity.
Insult for Emperor is an insult for every citizen of Japan.
This idiotic player should be banned, according to rules of the game.
Nevertheless, it is not like we have to hunt and expel every fool out of this game."

some of the Japanese was really mad but i'll not write what they wrote:




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I think I should be more specific xD V
Venezuelan Point of View, México Liberated! http://www.erevollution.com/en/article/2325 Thank You Japan for Assisting our friend (:
I didn't vote, because of question. I'm against Mihailobg, but not against Cubans. Well, our final decision suits me.