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Hello guys.  Lets see what we got  


so, at day 30 in this game i have all medals i can get.

Lets see what the biggest donor in this game has


Only Exxe and PhantonBR in top30 players by Expirience have all medals, but Exxe ( im not sure about PhantonBR) is visa player too, so RIP visa :(



 The end is near, non-visa is here!




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Pay the admins get your non band agreement today just for 69.9€!
Trololo Smile Smile Smile Say No to Visa Cheeky
crying again same shit from the begining of the game Laugh
congrats but small tip..it is pathetic to put Kylo in every fucking article
every article ? Sorry , but this is my first time when i troll Kylo in my article. Who cares ? Have some fun and drink some beer
actually i trolled all visa players, who cares ? (beer)
5 HW medals for one month???
VI12, i told u. Non-visa is the power
even i don't care about medals Laugh congrats bro o69 oh and nice trool with the hard work medal Laugh i don't have congress because i didn't run Laugh
@KyloRen, y. Donate me 10 gold now and thanks Laugh
i smell inspect element Cheeky
What defines a "VISA player" ?
Ok. Im not taking sides, but let me get this straight.. Your broke ass is "trolling" a guy with enough money to spend on this silly game? Correct?
Its not bad that he is paying Smile why you always compering ?
@SonOfTangra write article about your country...OUPS! I can't find Bulgaria in the map! Now i understand why you cry all the time! KEEP CALM AND WRITE ARTICLES ABOUT KYLO!
Yeah pathetic really.
again crying!Its not bice and the ''lions'' dont act like that!His money his game...are jealous?Pls stop it!Its just not nice
While i get the troling Kylo may be fun, if i ware you i wouldnt base this article on troling him as guy who spent lots of money, but rather base it on your self as player who DIDN'T , but worked hard to get so many medals (and gold with them) so that you can keep up with players who have no problem dumping 100e when they want. So BIG v&s and congrats on that o7
QQ and says "ima a troll xoxo" You're just so mad.
A little humor does well . Enjoy the game
браво Smile