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Published in Poland - First steps in eRevollution - 08 Feb 2016 08:18 - 4 PL EN
Author: Phor Killick Ćwir Ćwir Wszystkim i Każdemu Z Osobna! Chirp Chirp Everyone, and Every Single One of You!

Well, sometimes I have really weird ideas, which I want to share. Below we have two ideas, which may be useable to make game fair and sometimes interesting. HOW TO NERF HELIS?
As we all see, we have three tiers of weapons: Guns, Tanks and Helicopters. Only differences we see are: requirements to build a better tier factory and damage of products.

A smart guy like me - even if I’m a birdbrain - may quickly get in mind, getting higher level production makes automatically lower tier trash. Young players’ chance to be seen and valuable for their countries becames lower and lower. All because they can’t make enough damage in comparison to people, who are making lots and lots of helis, accidentally killing the liwer tier weapons markets. :P

There are two ways to solve this problem:
First one is removing higher tiers from the game completely. All tanks and helis are transformed into weapons and RPG is nerfed to deal only 2.5x damage.
Second one is more complicated, but I think it’s a little more fair - namely reworking the RAW requirements. To make all weapons valuable, we need to make sure Higher Tier Q1 needs the same amount of raw (or more) than Lower Tier Q5. That could automaticly suggest two available `sets of requirements`:
- Set A: Weapon 10*Q raw, Tank 50*Q raw, Heli 250*Q raw
- Set B: Weapon 5*Q raw, Tank 25*Q raw, Heli 125*Q raw REBELS and TERRORISTS: OPINION
I saw an idea published at the moment by one of the mods, Luminance. Topic of it was Rebels and Terrorists.

Let’s find flaws of this idea and ways to solve them. Then, I`ll told about my idea for expanding the game and making it unique in their kind. :)

And only problem I found are... Military Units
There are three problems in current military units system, which could stay on the way.
- You can’t change a leader of the unit,
- Unit stays in the country of creation,
- Unit is national (to join the unit, you need to have a specified country citizenship). REBELS EXPANSION: NATIONALITIES
So I’ve made up my mind, how we can improve that situation: Let’s change Citizenship into something different - Nationality.

I`ll start by showing an example image. Here is a map of europe, including all nationalities and ethnic separation movements:

Let take current Poland as an example and add the nationalities found on the above map:

Lines are representing different real countries. (except those ont he sea - hit shows which ragions are connected :P) Names are representing nationalities other than the `country` one (color of real-country). That means in core Poland there is one citizenship, but three (maybe even four including the Lemko, whose region would be ukrainian Subcarpathia or Eastern Slovakia) nationalities.
Even more if we will start including the historical ones (Mazovia, Prussia…)

So, If a nationality wants, they may start an RW (in a region in which they are existing) and try to make their own country - they just need a this-nationality player to start the RW. And if they win - that player is automatically declared as a President (not medal included to prevent abusing) of their `country`. But country is still not recognized on the world - they have a little control in their little part of land (they have 0g at start, they can’t change laws… they may only ask for acceptance and start another battles with the bigger country for a lower prize), but map shows their small paradise as a former (recognized) country’s terrain.

And to be recognized, you need to be accepted by current countries (bigger countries have bigger influence). Any acceptance gives you influence (but only once per each recognized country accepting you). If you get enough influence points, a button “Make Your Country Official” is unlocked. Clicking it will give you core on all hold by you regions (taking core from previous countries), show your country on the map and make you equal to other recognized countries.

If rebels took over the capital region of the bigger country, they also claim all that country corelands as their cores.

There is one catch in this: If newly-made country will do that thing, the previous country... stops being recognized as a country and becames “a bunch of rebels”. Now THEY need to take back (or change) their capital ang get back the recognition :P

But recognized country can prevent rebels even by defeating their RW or… giving/revoking their people privledges. :P REBELS EXPANSION: PRIVLEDGES
Each country has a couple of things, which their citizen can do, like:
- vote in Presidental Elections
- vote in Congress Elections
- became member of a party
- start in the Presidental Elections
- start freely in the Congress Elections
- sell on national market as a local businessman (normal taxes)
et caetera, et caetera.
Main country nationality and all minor ones existing in country have at start all the privledges. All other nationalities haven’t. The Congressmen and the President may vote about changing the available privledges of each of the existing nationality. I am hearing already Serbian Congress voting for revoking all the privledges from Albanians and (maybe) Kosovians… XD

What will be changed when Nationalities appear? Possibly many things. We could see for example free Tibet. We could see, for example Sami people unifying the whole Scandinavia. Or we may see an increased tension on the Serbian-Sorbian border. :D

Feel free to ask questions. I am ready to answer all of them to explain all the possible problems in those ideas. :) Jeśli się wam spodobało, nie wahajcie się słać pytań, głosować, prenumerować i dotować! Ponieważ chcę skompletować wszystkie waluty, nie wahajcie się dotować w każdej możliwej walucie! If you like that, don´t forget to send questions, vote, subscribe and endorse! Because I want to collect all the currencies, don`t mind to endorse in any currency!


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Pretty neat. Vote o7
Where is Turkey on map? I hate you my Chirp Chirp Sad xd
@CanTouchThis - I found only that one as an example. I am doing a bigger map including an expanded version of my idea already Cheeky