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Published in Poland - Social interactions and entertainment - 08 Feb 2016 08:11 - 10

(sory for my english)

I sent the same message to administration:

Hello, if i can offer you a hint how to resolve problem with helicopter company.
You have to introduce feature: if player want work in helicopter factory he have to have Q5 tank factory, and if player want work in tank factory he have to have Q5 weapon factory.
I think it will reslove all the problems with renting Q5 weap/tank factories for a while to build Q1 heli.
If you will not introduce it, countries as poland would lose becouse we dont have players with Q1 heli company (except RAF).
This soultion will resolve problem with players wich builded heli factory without having Q5 tank factory. You will dont have to delete any factories, gold or ban anybody. Players will just need to build Q5 weap and Q5 tank factory. I think its simplest way to resolve it.
Best regards
GdzieJaJestem - player of erevollution
What do you think about this ?, you think it is good way to resolve problem ??
I think its only way to resolve this problem :P



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seems legit. vote.
Vote! Smile
Roll Back i think
it's good idea.
i support this.
but it should go for all, not just Q1, lets say player should have to have Q5 wep, for Q1-2-3-4-5 tank, and for Q1-2-3-4-5heli. Basicly for next weapon (any lvl) player should have previous Q5s, or in heli case both Q5s, and that should work..
precisly topsecret
TopSecret thats true Smile