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Hello, was looking for ways to give some more fun to the game and i want to know if anyone would be interested in this idea. the game would be played through private messages that the players would send to the game master about their choice....the players could of course communicate anyway they want too but i would recommend the comments so other players can comment 

here is how the game works, generally there will be 1 Seer, 1 Doctor, and 2 werewolves and the rest would be normal people. these special roles will be igned using a RNG and the players will be notified of there roles before the game starts. Obviously these numbers can change but this is the general set-up 

The game begins in Night Phase, 
    The werewolves need to agree on A SINGLE  person to kill during the night and PM the game master
    The Doctor selects someone they'd like to heal. The person chosen (which could be the Doctor himself) will survive if the werewolves had chosen to kill them. If someone was killed, and then saved by the Doctor. If the Doctor saves somebody i will announce it
    The Seer asks if a specific person is a werewolf or a innocent town person
Once these 3 things have been done Day Phase can commence, i will write an article detailing the nights events and let the players know who was killed
Day Phase
    villagers vote for someone to lynch (this includes the special roles)

    NO SCREENSHOTS...You can however try to convince others you are the Doctor, or the Seer when you are not each day and night phase will last 1 game day in order to give everyone a chance to vote and put in their answers if no answer is received in that time you miss your vote for that day

    there WILL BE a prize for the winner(s)Surviving werewolves will split the prize OR surviving townspeople wil get prizeprize will be 5 gold i am contributing into the pot + whatever anyone else wants to contribute
<hr>If you are interested in playing please send me a PM or leave a comment on this newspaper article and i will message you with further details


Forever Yours,


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A lot like mafia game. Cheeky
I have heard of that game but not sure which came first...i feel like werewolf story goes better story wise to make it more intresting