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Ladies and Gentlemen, i present to you the first US budget for the fiscal year. This budget was made and voted upon on the forums by congress and it seems very likely to pass. For the player who do not go on the forums i feel it is important that you know where your tax dollars are going. 

February Budget

The budget is, for the most part easy to understand. However let me point out a few key points that i discovered after further questions

    The company bought for "10" listed under interior was in fact a weapon factory IES-EAP is a congressional action and im sure a senator will be happy to explain what it is but i assure you it is a good expense
I want to also take a look at the most expensive cost in the budget which was the weapon contracts.
    eUS government is paying $2,400 Q1 weps for almost 0.2 less than average market price at 0.4 a piece however we are getting 420 q1 weps for 0.25 from TheMadCatter Kai is also selling Q3 weapons for 0.42, which if true he needs to message me asap so we can work out a deal ;)

While i could not get a direct yes or no from the government on whether they planned on somehow directing impacting the price of gold on the market their is a $5,000 debit on the account for "Market Flows" see we shall see if that is what it is meant for. Meanwhile the market continues to get worse with the exchange rate at around 1 gold = ~$95.00

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