xfiles the truth is out of here Who is Mao Pichitti

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The answer is..... Pichitti its my cat, her call is maooooooooooooooooooooo, maooooooooooooooooooooooo, --- Mao Pichitti =D

There is waiting to play

http://i65. pic.com/nog1lh.jpg

Sleep to recover energy....

http://i65. pic.com/21cw5d0.jpg

Making excercise

http://i65. pic.com/23igyn8.jpg

Yes, a love my cat =D


LordFelineCaballero Negro

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Its beautiful to see people loving Felines!
For over thirty years, we have always had two cats - usually one is orange, the other black and white. Our current orange one is Fergus the Bad Cat [he really really is]. Great pictures. well worth my vote and subscription.
a ps3 partner? i need one =D
Really thanks friends =) I fell especial about you support lordfeline, thanks!!!! All the peorple talk about dogs, but my cat want to be every time with me, sleep, play, eat, always neear, we love it
Haha, I am glad you all have a feline friend at the ready c:
cute ^^
Nice article...voted Laugh
Pichitti = Chichewa?
s12 v9