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1. Don't use too much energy - as in, make sure you have enough for the next day to produce food or work. Otherwise you'll be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

2. Do your Daily Order every day - I'd recommend saving up all of your EBs and Rockets from DO's until you have enough to cause a ton of damage and really sway a battle or in case of a wipe where there is reduced food production.

3. Strength is everything, let's not kid ourselves. This is based off eRep and so its pretty much about laying down damage. Save up for TGs, as soon as you can produce some energy for yourself which allows you to fight you should be trying to get TP medals (plenty of opportunities :P)

4. Become self sufficient - Do not just rely on the market, make sure you have least 2 Q1 food factories and 2 raw material factories. That should put out about 400 energy at worst.

5. Comment below for 1cc (Limited to rUK + Possibly Allies and depending on availability, ofc)

Thanks for Reading!
-FightAndProduce (Prolific Image Thief & Minister of Education)


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Awesome FaP.Keep going with that.Future articles too,interviews etc.
Nice one Alex, totally agree on building more factories.
I want my cc
Better become a rUK ally then - or you could start off by not starting a war over RL stuff. Either would be nice.
Nice MoEd article Fep.
Marvellous. [2]