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Well where to start.I"ll start with this current news.First of all I want to congratulate everyone in my Party who voted for me for the Country President elections.To tell the truth I didn"t expected to be chosen for this high state role.Ofcourse I am gratefull to be chosen to represent my Country and my fellow contrymen through the future events during my term as a Country President of eREVUK.

Since this is relatively new game,and not entirely made it,and still is on development level(only month or less old),it will be much more future events concerning eREVUK and this eREV World.Now a bit about what will I do as Country President of UK.
-some MPPs with allied countries are  made it before me and I"ll stick with that,and if it will need some renew of MPP I"ll inform Congress about it before signing.
-Congress started with this game,and elections has happened.The Nifty Party won with absolute majority.The other Party is relatively new,but seems working well based on what I"ve seen so far.I"ll consult Congress about every issue and every law which I am gonna bring on vote on Congress.

Since there aren"t Alliances made yet,but there are MPPs signed with allied countries I"ll start talk with my Party and with other Party on issue making an alliance.Ofcourse I"ll talk with allied countries to see what their Governments think and their CPs.Are they interested to be in an alliance with us or not.

Concerning economy of eREV UK it need to be improved,in order to have extra cash on Country Account for future events,battles which will be plenty of them as well as MPPs.We currently working on it to gather more fresh momey and gold.

Now a bit about me: I am Alex Popovic everyone knows me from another game as well as here by now,and those who don"t me,I am expecting to know me I"ve started playing this game from the begining and honestly I am still catching the ropes of this game.I"ve hope I"ll catch them soon.Everyone talking that this game not working perfectly,but I"ve disagree.I mean this game is new(less then a month) and how you excepting to work when is still in development level.I was a bit surprised when I"ve received a notification that I am elected as new Country President.

That"s all from me for now.
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