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Citizens of Norway I would like to say few things about pastmonth events in Norway. First of all still current President Pluvio by my opinion has bad intentions with our society. He looks most credible person for us being wiped from United Kingdom, because he fight for Norway two days ago in RW Trondelag where we would be attacked in next 24 hours by UK if we won and Ukraine would be blocked from core-regions of UK (as our war is still active). And UK would wipe us again and leave us without a region. I arrange all about losing RW Trondelag and starting new RW Svalbard & Jan Mayen where we would be neighbours only with Ukraine our ally in region Nord-Norge. In RW Trondelag all players who fight for Norway best interests of civil society were kicked from Pluvio´s  military unit, and resultwas over half of lation was not able to do dailly order as we could not create new military unit because we did not had a region. After that remaining part of Forsvaret fight hard for Norway to help UK which supported RW Trondelag to cut borders with Ukraine. It made me to find and pay foreign players and one of them is Tannin which was paid the most with 50 gold to win war for us. And of course war cost us over 20 gold in food and weapons. This is screenshot of RW Trondelag (http://www.erevollution.com/en/battlefield/415/2  ) >> http://i.imgur.com/6Ms3jrQ.png As soon as this RW was finished I had supported RW Svalbard& Jan Mayen in which UK citizens were not fight because they had two wars with Ukraine and Poland ( http://www.erevollution.com/en/battlefield/452/1  // http://www.erevollution.com/en/battlefield/442/1 ) and most dmg agains Norway was created by Forsvaret members. This resul in new loan to Norway of 15.8 gold to Tannin and 3 gold Ciungaru for their dmg on our side. This is screenshot of RW Svalbard & Jan Mayen ( http://www.erevollution.com/en/battlefield/435/1) >> http://i.imgur.com/fVOXlqP.png  Luckily we won both RWs with paid dmg and now we have secured region where we will start building our society. All costs of past events are :
Paid damage to foreign citizens >>> 68.8 gold (loan of Dalmatae )
Creation of new military unit where all Norway citizens arefree to accomplish daily order >>> 40 gold ( loan of Dalamate )
Cost of weapons and food used and transferred to some fighters which fight for Norway interests >>> 40 gold ( loan of Dalmatae )
Supporting RW Svalbard & Jan Mayen 15 gold ( loan ofDalmatae)
SUMMARY = 68.8+40+40+15=163.8 gold 
Usually I would not take any kind of refund but in delicate situation where some founds of our society could be used against it I am forced to accept refund from state treasury. But as you saw I am patriot and those funds will be spent on our society development but it is better from my point of view that I control money than I just leave it to some other who can work against society as we already saw. Pre result of my term as President of Norway is that we have secured region in Svalbard & Jan Mayen, and we will have all fulfilled right as other bigger countries have.
In my term projection of stabilizing Treasury costs arenext:
>We will not have any MPP of our own cost (because we do not fight with noone and I do not have such plans in near future ) /// I will propose Ukraine to send us MPP as our citizens will fight for 10 gold they paid next month DO for them in their battles.
> I will change Capital to Svalbard & JanMayen so we have more Fruits  bonus (from 10% to 20% )
> Paying debts in sum of 103 gold and 12000NOK to player Dalmatae //by exchange rate 1g=200cc / 60g=12000NOK
> As you can see we will have 35 gold and in treasury which will be used to starting actions at our monetary market and trading center, in state name.
These are just a introduction to what is planned to make inthe next mandate and summary of what happened in the past term.

p.s. this is ss of pm with Apostol Prsesident of Ukraine>> http://i.imgur.com/2X8mE31.png

Norway President Dalmatae


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