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Published in United Kingdom - First steps in eRevollution - 05 Feb 2016 03:11 - 64


We would like to announce few changes that have been made to the game:

-Captured countries are still going to be able to take part in the elections and are going to have their own market.

-Resistance war now costs 15 gold.

-When working you now don’t have to first work on raw material production to produce it and then work on finished products,
but can select to work them at the same time.

-Implemented a chart with statistics how much damage a country has done to another country in battle.

As you may know there are Presidential elections today, so each country is getting 10000 country currency to its treasure.

Finally we would like to announce we are looking for a front-end developer with knowledge of bootstrap.
Anyone experienced and ready to work can apply to our mail.

Update Feb 07: You now cannot sell q5 weapons factory.

Have a good day,
eRevollution Team



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yay. /me rich
What about the taxes ???? i sent an e-mail .... is there any bug ?
good job with this work fix! o7
Where are my other referrals? picture Where are my referrals? From 1 st to 9 level?
The game will die like Repu now. You just make the same mistakes that made from Repu a shitty game. 150 people from 12K cry and you do a stupid change that destroy the little strategy that left in the game. A strategy game without Strategy, great :/ What is the point to conquer a country if it not a big deal... Just another "press fight button" game, boring like hell.
The issue with a CP not being able to move to another country (retain original citizenship) and loosing all button functions? Bug or part of game?
Bulgarias and Skopians guys cry all the time. Admin: Let's make some changes for noobs! Laugh
Uncle Frog +
When a country is deleted you can't set job offers in it or in every other country. Can you fix that?
Uncle Frog +
missions ?
Uncle Frog You're an idiot !!! sorry Sad
Kami Neko +1. We're leaving erep for a great strategy game. Not to get the same game in blue...
Kami Neko...sure u speak like that u are from japan that holds half of Asia their hands...Some states didnt develop so they need time.This game is one month old,there is no structure,there is no permanent players,there is no organization.Some states have 20 or something more players...from who are they able to defend from? The game is simply not given time to develop. Game must offer something more to the players if creators want this game to live if not downfall will be a fast one. SKOPIANS & BULGARIANS
Kami Neko +1. We're leaving erep for a great strategy game. Not to get the same game in blue...
Arrogant people make this game boring.. Your strategy skill will be useless without visa, so the conclusion is if you want to win, be a visa player 1st..After you win, don't forget to say to loser "Don't cry bitch, here's some baby oil for you" :p
vote and subscribe please
stupid changes...just like erep
+++ Mojo. I suggested REAL changes to make the game more fun, instead we get what Bulgarians were crying about. Result: If you wanna see some changes, do not propose. Cry instead
i would say that some people that are saying here "we are laving erep for ...) actually are leaving because they got their a**** handed to them by Asteria and they actually want to pretend to be something better here.. Its new game, way to early to be able to destroy countries so much so that gaming communities from them cant recover. If you want to be so vocal, why dont you ask for something like that to be implemented in eRep?? Reason is simple as in that case your country weak as they are would stand no chance vs Asteria, and against countries like Serbia you likes of BIH, Albania, Italy and even Croatia would permanently be "liberated" by Serbia. And than we can add to that HUN, ROM, Arg etc etc... So all what i see here is boo-haa from people who got ***-hurt in erep and looking for some sort of revenge in other games. What Frog and Kami are booing for would kill this game before it even started.. you would end up with few countries that are strong and eventually one would come out on top and occupy rest of them. Than again as Serbia even now has biggest dmg in game or one of biggest, what you are asking would in long run work in our favour.. but it would be wrong.
@TopSecret: what is erep?
Keep it up in that way.Also the admins could do some changes in political module for instance that implement a Dictatorship module like it is in similar game like this.The game is still young,but many aren"t used to it and not getting any ropes how to play.It would be better having some tutorial or something for new players.
@admin could you change the country damage chart? actually it depends on the location of a player... whould be nice if it depends on the citizenship of a player for wich country his damage is counting... Wink
Great Changes! Keep doing changes to make this game better o7
Can you explain me what i will do with 10.000 currency ? we need golds for WAR!
Rafa904 +1000 @admin could you change the country damage chart? actually it depends on the location of a player... whould be nice if it depends on the citizenship of a player for wich country his damage is counting... Wink
I am in 2click mode, waiting to see if this game will offer anything, do not expect me to pay in advance. Will wait for some time and then leave ... if you do not manage to keep me interested. I know I will not be the only one.
ака ми се от тоя админ няма ли да я закрива тая игра най сетне ...
Dear Admins! can you please answer me, if I want to join my own military unit(slovakia which is currently occupied) I get this message: Error: You must be in the country where the military unit is in order to join. Well... what can I do?!
oh and admins pls give me a resign button in the MU or at least a set as comander button... i am still hanging in my german MU and cant change to a polish MU... :/
what is the email???
Why is there no resign button for Commander in the MU or at least a set as commander button...
I sent an email but it was sent back saying it was not a real email address. I paid for 2 packs of 45g but only got 45g instead of 90g!!! Can you let me know your correct email so i can send you the details of my problem! --that was email address for game-administration, I do not know if it is still in use Little D start crying Sad
Stupid changes aside from not having to micromanage the order you work in your companies.
voted Laugh
Any admin to comment on this?? Are you gona do something to correct your mistakes and make game fair , or we are being encouraged to look for bugs that we can exploit ? Well i can say for my self, i wont stay for long if mistakes are not corrected proper way, and i doubt that many other guys will
I sent email to admin 2 days ago and ask about selling q5 factory to make heli factory, and he said it's LEGAL.. and the update is "Update Feb 07: You now cannot sell q5 weapons factory" Admin are you typo when u replied my email? xD