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     Closing Address of First President of Austria or Trials and Tribulations of a Small Country President     

My term as 1st president of Austria is at an end. I am not standing for re-election.

It has been a busy and frustrating few weeks.
This game simply did not give enough time to develop a country with a small population. The first wars were started prematurely, which gave smaller nations like ours very little time to organise and prepare.

I personally consider this to be an unsuccessful term as a leader and President of Austria. So much was planned and so little achieved.

Austria as a country was never set up correctly... no tax Laws were set so no income was ever produced, no welcoming message to new citizens...

And why? → There was no time and no human resources.

I began as one of 3 members of the Austrian Congress. Altogether we only had 6 Law Proposals available to us. One of which had to be used to impeach the Admin which lead to my appointment by Congress as President of Austria.

http://i46. pic.com/24vnuad.jpg

Hungary declared war on us and this triggered a frantic search for allies to fight by our side. This meant more of our limited Law Proposals being used to defend ourselves. Then Croatia attacked Burgenland (which did cut off Hungary s access to our borders but resulted in us losing all Austria s regions, except Voralberg).

Of course Voralberg would have fallen to Croatia as well, but thanks to the hard work of Minister of Foreign Affairs Ferdi Carrefour - Austria kept one region and negotiations took place for the return of Tyrol to Austria as well.
http://i50. pic.com/29m8unq.jpg           Treasury          http://i50. pic.com/29m8unq.jpg

Because there are no ORG s in this world, I, as appointed President, hold the Treasury of Austria for safe keeping. Treasury now consists of:

71.17 Gold and 4640.30 ATS

It is my intention to donate everything back to the Austrian Treasury for transparency sake... so that everyone can see that money was returned. It will give everyone peace of mind that the full treasury was returned.

The Treasury started with 250 Gold. Gold from Austrian Treasury was spent on:

-creating the first political party in Austria – 50 Gold withdrawn by Admin before Austria had a President

-creating a much needed Military unit – cost 40 Gold
-4 Mutual Protection Pact proposals – cost 40Gold
-Printing of money (issuing ATS) – cost 32 Gold
-Donation to Treasury – cost 10 Gold
-RW - cost 10 Gold

http://i68. pic.com/27wvdb7.jpg

I wish to especially thank Ferdi Carrefour for his hard work and support he provided to the Government. I would also like to thank the members of Congress and ministers of my Government who stood up and gave the country a helping hand.

Unfortunately, from the very beginning we were always on the back foot, struggling to catch up.

Hopefully, our next President will receive the full support from citizens of Austria.

There are new challenges and new problems to be solved in months ahead. We need to work together and it will require a lot of work.


outgoing president of Austria

Gold and Country currency being donated to Austrian Treasury:

  http://i68. pic.com/jg5tzl.jpg 

...and donation complete

http://i67. pic.com/2u6d6xz.jpg


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It was a correct term, thank you for this!
Thank you for the good term o7
Well, we started with 3 congressmen too.
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This article achieved 4th MM medal and was placed in Global top 5. Thank you everyone.
We start with 2 Congress (CP and Me) xD ;_;
transparency o7
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I am humbled and honored. This paper has been visited by Gods:-->Admin gave support to your paper 25 RSD.