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Hello, my name is Nicky6Fingers and I would like to welcome you to the 1st Edition of The People's Tribune. You might be wondering why i made this paper, and that  is simple I want to inform the american people, as well  as entertain them. I am expecting to write an article every 1-2 days covering multiple different things from politics to entertainment and perhaps an occasional interview. All experienced players know that retention is key in these games, and the biggest any to retention is relativity. I hope to break the mold....will you join me?

The first story featured in the newspaper may be the most exciting thing that has happened since creation a mere 25 days ago.


President Abraham Lincoln proposed war yesterday against Cuba for their continues hostilities against Mexico. After much debate in the senate and 2 fist fight, the final vote tallied at 7 yays and 0 nays. Making me wonder what the fist fights were about to begin with? Now that the measure has passed "Operation Cuba" has officially began with troops storming into Mexico to fight the Cubans. map showing the current occupation of mexico by Cuban forces
American and Mexican army officials meet in undisclosed location

It is clear that the people feel a need for war, and war can be very great for a country. It not only increases sales (increase in taxes) it also provides a lot of help for retention. it Gives players something to do and to talk about, as well as giving a goal for the entire country to meet as a team. However in my view it is imperative that the government defines 2 things, the objective they wish to achieve in the war. Aswell as the administration continuing to communicate with the citizens of the progress of the war as well as any government costs that are incurred.

The official release of the war against Cuba while energetic and patriotic did not clearly define the objective we wish to accomplished when the war is over. And the overall battle plan is a little less than to be expected

The current plan is that we (rUSA) and rVenezuela will attack Cuba at almost the same time and start hell on Cuban States. We plan on progressing and taking their states off their hands. 

This is not a plan...And also "almost"? you couldn't negotiate a good time?
(Current US Military Policy)

Onto my 2nd point, while yes a war in general can be good for activity if citizens dont feel like part of a bigger team than it has the opposite effect, they feel left out and will often leave because of it. It is important to not only have a war but use it to energize your player base this should be a fun exciting time for the people of the country. Of course this is not a criticism since the war has just begun but simply something for the administration to keep in mind. 

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