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As I talked to Croatian CP niksap and Croatian MoFA Topavelic we get the region Tyrol back (with help of Serbian players, which thought Croatia dont want to lose Tyrol)

Now we have a agreement with Croatia to hold Vorarlberg and Tyrol and the other regions is under Croatian control.

Other player will opened again Resistance War in Burgenland, Austrian territory which is under Croatian control. Please dont fight there against Croatia based on our agreement.

Tomorrow is the Presidental Election. I am the only candidate for tomorrow.
My goals as CP are (edited) :
    Set Capital City as Vorarlberg
    to hold our two regions Vorarlberg and Tyrol
    to expand our MPP´s (depending on our treasury)to regulate the taxes so that a source for our treasury exsistsnew welcome message for new players
Sincerely yours
Ferdi Carrefour



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suggested TO DO list: 1) set taxes--2)Welcome message for new players-- 3) set Capital City (a lot of things to do with only few Law proposals. Hope you get 10 Law proposals as you will need them)
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