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Hello Ladies and Gents,

I am Eddie and I am your NSC Director this month. So, we got that map feature recently, taking a look at it, you can see that currently Cuba is holding onto Mexican Cores. So the United States decided to help them get their cores back. 

The current plan is that we (rUSA) and rVenezuela will attack Cuba at almost the same time and start on Cuban States. We plan on progressing and taking their states off their hands. 

Now, what do you need to do?

1) If you are a rUSA citizen, contact your MU leader about details, they have been briefed.
2) If you are some Ally citizen, come help us bring fre to Mexico.
3) If you are Mexican citizen, YAY, your help is here.
4) If you are Cuban citizen, HELL CAME EARLY ON YOU GUYS, be prepared.

What about Supplies?

ST6, contact MrSharp1219 for details.
rUSAM, contact Arith for details.

When is all this gonna start?

It will start tonight as soon as War law ends, be prepared to kick some cubans ().

Sorry, thats all I can say in here, if you have clearance your CO will tell you the plans. If not, you are just fighting on DoD priors.

Thanks for your time.

NSC Director


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Bring on the pain!
good bye Cuba!
You used a bad word.