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Published in United States of America - Battle orders - 04 Feb 2016 06:02 - 0

Dear Citizens

If you have not noticed, the United States of America has started a war with Cuba. This war is to help our Mexican allies that have been pushed back to exactly one province in there territory.

We as a country cannot let a long time friend like Mexico be taken advantage like this. So we are here to help. I ask all citizens of America to contribute to helping in this war. I ask that all citizens stay active during the coming days. This will not be a easy war. Please SUBSCRIBE to this paper as it will give you information on the war as a need to know bases. It will also be giving battle priorities, and where to fight. Please save fights as much as you can today before the war starts.  If you want to be even more informed please join us on our forums: or join us on IRC at #Ere-USA,

-Secretary of Defense


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