The Seven Seas

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This series will be covering on every past president.since Biohaze is the 1st president we will be covering on him first.

Smokey:so first tell us about yourself. just start by saying. my name is Biohaze.....

BioHaze: My name is BioHaze and I am a politician, businessman, and journalist. You may know me as the current president of the US. I came here from the games vPopulus and eRepublik. In vPop, I help a variety of government positions and started many programs including a university and a podcast. I came to this game because it’s new and I wanted to see what this game had to offer. I didn’t plan on becoming the CP of the USA, but things happened and I eventually because the President of this great country. 

Smokey:What did you expect to accomplish by becoming the first president of united states

My goal going into this term was to work on establishing a proper foundation for the country’s future. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish everything that I had planned, but I tried to get as much as I could do. I choose a really talented team of individuals that I knew could handle anything that I threw their way and I would like to give them a round of applause for the work they have done thus far in the term. 

Smokey:Do you feel like you have done more than enough for this country?

Bio:I do not feel that I have done more than enough for this country. I say that because at such an early stage in this country there are so many things that need to be done with not a lot of time to do it in one term. I don’t believe that anyone could have done what needed to have been done to do “more than enough” without sacrificing a reasonable life outside of the game and without being a complete ass to his/her cabinet and congress. It’s just unreasonable, so I strived to get as much as I could get done with proper real life and game balance.  

Smokey:Do you see yourself running next time as  the president?

BioHaze:At this moment I don’t plan on running for president in the future. It is fun to be president for a little bit, but after a while it just starts draining you in a way a game shouldn’t. I am here to have fun and I learnt that being the president isn’t necessarily that fun. It may be because I am president in the construction stages of the country, but it wasn’t that enjoyable. I prefer working in an area of speciality on a cabinet. That is where I work best. 

Smokey:How do you feel about the next presidential candidate abe?

Biohaze:I love Abraham Lincoln as a friend. He is a really great guy that I trust nearly completely and my trust is not easy to get. You can ask EddieA about that. He has been president some 8 times before so I am more than confident in his ability to lead this country. Also, he supports all my ideas for programs so yeah, he is the best.

Smokey:What are you planning to do after your presidential term is over.

Biohaze:I was planning to be in Abe’s cabinet and run the national podcast, but that probably won’t happen (if it does it won’t be that often of a show) because I need to focus more on real life matters. Like I said before, being president is draining and it affected my life in a negative way this past month. Overall though you may see me every now and then, but my activity will drop a bit. 

Smokey:Any last words or comment as the 1st POTUS?

Biohaze:America, we have a while to go but this past month we started the making of a potentially powerful country and if you stick with us, you can be there when we shove fear and destruction down the throats of our enemies in months to come. Thank you


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