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One Button Illusion | Day 24 | Issue 3

Dear Readers,

In this issue, I will tackle some minor suggestions for improvement, and, of course, reflect on the past few days of quality newspapers' articles.

Hope you enjoy the read!
Issue of Organizations

The countries and military units simply need the organizations in order to function properly!! I can think of several other similar games where this has been implemented - and it works! Whereas I understood the reasons for not introducing the private organizations in the first place, I think that an exception with regard the noted entities is a must if we are to have a functioning nations and MUs. The Admins should seriously consider implementing the national organizations - controlled by the nation's CP and ministers (to be appointed by the CP); and the MU organizations - controlled by the MU's leader and vice-leaders (to be appointed by the Army Leader).

This is necessary for different purposes - organization and structure (nation owned and army owned companies), logistics (especially with regard the military, having in mind the issue of supply), joint investment into common projects (especially with regard the build of national and army capacity, constructions and production enhancement), and others.

Without such organizations, the dwelling and the effort of so many can be thwarted by a single, dissatisfied individual who just happens to be the one who was elected to "own" the companies and the goods. If the companies and goods are stationed on a national or army org, it is up to the collective responsibility of the group of community to select those individuals whom the whole group trusts not to make a mistake or intentional wrongdoing. A failure in such case reflects the community - a failure in the present scenario is more prone to be attributed to the Admins.

In addition, I would suggest to allow such organization a creation of a newspaper - that would serve as either the country's official gazette or the army's official bulletin.

Minor Improvements Pending

Here's a list of minor things that might easily be implemented, and could, potentially, enhance the gaming experience:

1. Shouts - new entries

If one looks at the shouts column, under tab "All", one will easily conclude that the tab is pretty much useless, as the majority of shouts reflects the sub-for-sub syndrome or just points to a trade offer. Why not creating separate tabs for those two categories? This would relieve the general tab for other sorts of comments and discussions. While were at it, why not implementing the commentary feature to the shouts - to spark up the conversation?

2. Subscriptions - who are my subscribers?

It would be nice to see who has subscribed to my newspaper. It is suggested that the Admins introduce a new feature whereby one could "click" on the, ie, "My subscribers" icon, and see the list of the current subscribers. This would allow me to spam them even more with the new articles :)

3. Forum - let's talk about the game

It should not be too difficult to implement the Forum. This would allow us to be in direct communication - not just between the players and the Admins (and moderators), but also in between others. Who knows what good ideas and suggestions might arise from the Forum (check this article for a more elaborate explanation on the necessity and usefulness of forums).

4. Resources - what is it a good for? Absolutely nothing?

Dear Admins - how about some explanation on what the resources are for? How do they affect the game play? To what extent?

5. Experience Points

It would be nice to add a small feature showing the total experience points, ie, on the profile page.

Quality Articles

An excellent bundle of suggestions comes from the pen of ktab: Think about it admins. The author tackles a number of things with regard the military and economy modules. I personally fully endorse the idea of contracts - it can be done, it only requires some thinking and planning.

Another journalist has made a specified analysis and several proposals with regard the True Patriot medals - check it out.

The Global Humanitary Project - a very interesting project/idea started up by player Fibonnacci, check it out!

I have previously reported on a very interesting article with regard the weapons' prices. Well, here's a different though on the subject by player Emerodh - his article critically examines the previous calculations, and provides for a different model of calculation - an excellent, fair and decent mode of critical argument - well done! I can only hope that other people will adopt this polite and informed mode of critical thinking.

Croatian CP elections have become more interesting with the appearance of a contender: check the first and second nomination programme. If you like reading about such big plans for development, check out one US Congress nomination programme.

How hard is it to run a company you wonder? Wonder no more - here's an insider's perspective.

If you are interested to learn which Alliance currently holds the DMG superiority position, be sure to check this analysis.

A short and clear tutorial for all beginners.

You have earned enough money to buy yourself a house - but, do you really need it? Consider the following article and reflect.

What to do when you are under occupation? Apparently, not too much - check a short reflection on the status of Bulgaria:

Who are the toughest non-Visa players out there? Interested to learn? It's all in here - Interestingly enough, most of the listed players are either CP's, Congress Members or Members of Government. Is there any correlation with the State Funds there, or is it just purely coincidental? :)

An interesting project in Argentina - gold to the Nation, gold to the citizens!

Tnx for reading!

Hope to see you in the next issue too!




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