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Hello, and today new country from eRevollutionSerbia!

Yesterday i did for Ukraine, so you can chek it here !
IMPORTANT: Note that all of the information was taken at 11:00 eRevollution time, DAY 23. So if something changed ( you got BH, TP etc. ) don't agrue or ask why you are not on the list ). I chose this country firstly because it has the most citizens in it.

If this post gets VOTES and people like it, i will make more about the rest of the countries. So comment below what country you want to see next in this newspaper! To help my work please SUBSCRIBE and ENDORSE if you can!

Also you can support me with donations if you like what i do. Thanks for all the ENDORSE from my previous article. And here we go!

Top Serbian players by XP

Top Serbian players in Strenght

Top Serbian players in Total DMG done

Top Serbian players in True Patriot DMG done

Top Serbian players in Battle Hero medals
( Not much because Whiskas got all of them :P )

Top Serbian players to have most subscribers on their newspaper

Soooo the strongest citizen of Serbia is WhiskasKhalifa!

Previous article got in TOP 5 so thank you :)

This is it my friends, if you liked it please VOTE and SUB also SHOUT if you want!!



Fuck eRevollution IWhiskasKhalifaWhiskasKhalifa

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Voted ! great article
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