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How to get 200 gold for free?Quién es el inteligente? El tramposo o un reproductor de fer?

Step 1

Step 2

Check out !
Who is the smart one? The cheater or a fer player?

Como llegar a 200 de oro gratis



Revisa !

Quién es el inteligente?
El tramposo o un reproductor de fer?



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wtf :XD xD
Hey forget peru Come Iran . I will give you cs(use bonus) Wink
hahaahha V+S, nice robery Laugh
is it legal to donate the gold and go away ?
LoL Wink
y porque banearon adiosacanales?? si la rata fue 27JYG
ahahahahaha xdxd
Report him to admins. Taking gold for own purpose is forbidden by rules. Cheeky
Thnx bro, but I'm not an informer, so I don't report anyone. Publish in the press, and notify an other players, work for me.
The player has been accordingly punished.
OOOOOO Admin is finally showing his face on the Libertador pages Laugh ! What good of your actions have Peru? El Presidente Diosacanales is a banned player, and you didn't allow Peru to find a new President in the same time, when two Superpowers in South America simultaneously attack week Peru?
So you have condemned Peru on dying, regardless what we do. Thanks a lot, mister Admin, your accordingly punishing 27YUG is crucial for Peru in this particular moment.
Amuse me: did you notify the staff of this movements? Or did you realize it just now? This happened almost 3 weeks ago (not that I'm saying it loses validity, au contraire)
Countries with small population are in even worse position than in an original version of this game.---Smaller countries with their lack of Law proposals and generally lack of citizen-power had no time to develop.----Countries were able to declare wars in the first week of this world... there was no time for small countries to complete even basic development--- And it is NOT same for everyone. Country with 3 congressmen can pass 6 Laws. Country with 15 Congressmen can pass 30 Laws in same time.. not to mention that work load in small countries is much heavier.
vote + sub @Hrvat +1 Small countries does not stand a chance here,wars started to soon and no one is able to organize into stabile groups and countries,if we have no development of countries the game will suffer for this and eventualy be dead.
Libertador has one good and one bad news. The good one is: (we were able to temporarily expel the cheater from the game) The bad one is... well, tomorrow there is not ePeru in eRevolution. Cheers Admin, for your support: not letting us to elect a new President, and for your for your slowness because you let the cheater 27yug toi stole some Battle Hero's medal from a couple a fer players.
ADMIN!!!! Back gold in CT Peru!!!!