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My company Information

Employees 12/27
Work presence 91%
Total costs 62.45 JPY

My market today

Food features and price analysis  
Only basic arithmetic, not difficult

Q1 food  2 energy / use
Q2 food  4 energy / use
Q3 food  6 energy / use
Q4 food  8 energy / use
Q5 food  10energy / use

Functions are the same
Difference is that the quantity

500 energy = 250s Q1 food
500 energy = 125s Q2 food
500 energy = 83.333333s Q3 food
500 energy = 62.5s Q4 food
500 energy = 50s Q5 food

Let's look at the pros and cons of price

If the price is
Q1 food  0.03 each  2 energy
Q2 food  0.06 each  4 energy
Q3 food  0.09 each  6 energy
Q4 food  0.12 each  8 energy
Q5 food  0.15 each  10 energy

Perfect balance
Because the same effect and the same price
Only different levels and different inventory

Buy 5 Q1 food = 1 Q5 food = 10 energy

How to buy the cheapest food, and the get the best results?

All merchandise calculated with reference to Q1
If Q3 food price are 0.093 each

We can divided by 3
0.093 Q3 food  / 3 = 0.031 each Q1 food 
Q3 food 6 energy = 3 Q1 food    2x3=6 energy

So if you see Q1 food sold 0.033 each, Q3 food 0.093 each
We can multiplied by 3
Q1 food 0.033 x 3 = 0.099 each 1 Q3 food     

But there is a better price on the market why you do not buy it?
Q3 food 0.093 each are better than Q1 food 0.033 each

If I want to buy 300 energy

I can buy 150 Q1 food for 300 energy or 50 Q3 food for 300 energy
we must need to see the price.
150 Q1 = 50 Q3 ←This is perfect balance
I prompt you a lot of information. I hope you can understand

If you want to survive in the international Food market
You need to calculate three points  


look at this link
If you do not understand how to calculate JPY / yen
I will give you analysis in my next article.

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V+ hehe Nice pictures
V+ I didn't understand anything of this, because of your pictures Kiss
Keep doing good job o7
Nice. But you should tell us what is your cc price in monetary market?
staeno sub,vote,komentar
@KBaz Yes, I will write the next article to how to manipulate the market. And Some psychological effects.