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The British Workers Party
Established January 2016



We're getting closer to the door, and without your help, it would not be possible. Thank you to all those who have joined the party, and special thank you to Deputy Leader Cat Boyd for being in regular contact throughout.

The British Workers Party is still in it's infancy, yet we are improving and are already at around 25% the membership compared to the Nifty Party. At this current rate, and with the help of you, the Great British public, we can be opening the door of 10 Downing Street.


Congress Elections are approaching. This is our chance to shine. I really believe that we can get multiple members in to congress, only then can The British Workers Party truly start to influence our Governments decisions and thought processes. After my message about our vision for British, I was glad to see former President Slagaway issue a Bulletin to the public, and they also issued a reply explaining the financial decisions which have been made in the past month. It is progress, but there still needs to be regular contact between the policy makers and those who have their lives affected by them. There also needs to be stability. A party with unanimous control, seem to have changed President with little communication as to why.

Shadow Ministers

I am pleased to announced that The British Workers Party is recruiting. We need Shadow Ministers in preparation for when we get in to Government. Ruling parties need structure, and they need support from within to make the Government run smoothly. A second article focussed on the shadow government can be found here...

Until Next Time,

Alan Kirk - Leader of The British Workers Party


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" A party with unanimous control, seem to have changed President with little communication as to why." Presidents only get ten laws, you have to change everytime you run out of laws in order to get a new set
Thanks for letting me know.