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I have to admit that I am somewhat taken aback by the copy that has been made of Erepublik - including all of the crappy bits....

What is the point?


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For me it's that the difference between new and old players aren't so vast so everyone has a shot instead of joining eRep 5+ years after others and never being able to reach Division I unless you are a VISA user.
I tend to agree with Certacito on this one - yes there are some areas that have been tinkered with so they are not quite so bad, but the fundamental flaws seem to have been copied over. Take for example the fact there are far too many wars - because it is a copy of erep. Then the point about Damage in battle - a fundamental flaw in erep - this has been transferred directly. As I recall the great benefit of erep V1 was that Strength increase decreased as you got older up to a certain point and young players increased their strength much quicker, meaning the gap was not huge. In addition the damage done included rank, quality of weapon, wellness and yes strength as well - this is the formula that should have been brought over.
A new eworld means new eopportunity, but yeh the admins are missing out on a great chance to make an actually good version of erepublik.
If they were going to copy eRep they should have copied v1. That at least was good. /me sighs in reminiscence.
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