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Hello my good Irish people of all genders, races, and nationalities!

Okay let us talk about our emerging victories on our mortal enemy; Canada.
     Newfoundland and Labrador was our first foothold on Canadian soil, they were completely caught with their trousers down. That fight was a great victory for our people

     Nunavut was the second great escapade toward the Canadians. They were still hurting from the first day of the invasion and the full retreat that pushed them into Nunavut. Nunavut was different in one way, They were preparing some rather asinine tactics for our later push into the Northwest Territories

     The Northwest Territories were defended heavily by Canadian Mounties and elite guardsmen from the capitol. They were steadily losing ground in the beginning of the battle. By the last moments of the battle the country president at the time issued in great support and used a good about of Canadian gold for purchase a “Fighting Chance” which used overwhelming force to push us back into Nunavut, Some say the Canadian president did over 600,000 points of damage himself towards the end

     After our horrifying lose in the northwest the Canadians attacked straight away on Nunavut while we were still plagued with battle fatigue. They overwhelmed us again and took back Nunavut

     They were on the offensive, while we took the defensive in Newfoundland and Labrador. They fought hard to try and rid us from their lands, which failed. We won that battle with perfect grace.

    After the big push they had dealt failed on them they were low on money and the will to fight the superior foe. We had taken Quebec,Ontario,Nunavut,Northwest Territories, and Alberta.

 Thank you for reading this update on the war with Canada



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