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Welcome new citizens

In this article we will show you some of the steps for new players. 

First thing you need to do is get a job/work. If you are amongst first players to join in your country, you should recieve a Q3 Raw company that produces grain which is needed for food companies, and a Q1 food company. If not, dont despair, you will have the money to open your own company soon, just stay active, train and work every day, and you should have the funds for it very soon. At the Daily tasks, go to My companies

Next, click on the Button next to Employees 

Now set active job offers to more than 0, and set the salary you want to offer to your workers, and click Save.

After that, go back to My companies, and click on Get a job button.

You will notice that your company is offering jobs, not just to you, but to other people too ( maybe people who don't own their own companies ). Click on the Apply button to get a job there.

Congratulations, you now have a job. Now expand My places tab, and go to Companies once again

Once, you are in Companies page, click on the Work button. You will notice that you've earned some money but you energy has decreased.

Also, a notification appears, telling you that you have worked for today(as an employee). As a manager, for any worker that applied and worked, you get a token which you can use in your companies, as you see fit. Now, tick the option Work as Manager in front of your Grain Farm, and assign a worker under Employees and click on Start production.

Now that you have Grain, its time to make some food. Tick the Work as Manager option in front of Food Factory, and click on Start Production

You will get a pop up message on how many raw resources you have spent, how much experience you have gained, how much energy you wasted, and how much food you created.

Now that you have worked, you can notice how your energy decreased from 500 to 470. Use food you made to Recover your energy

Now, its time to get in shape and do some  strength training. In the Daily tasks click on Training grounds. Training also reduces your energy by 10.

When you are in Training grounds, just click on the Train button.

Now go back to home page, and get the reward for working + training on that day.

Lets say you want to sell some of your food on the market. Open your Storage in the My Places tab.

Now select the product you want to sell, type in Quantity, then Price of the product, and confirm it by clicking on Add on sale button.

Your product is now available for other people to buy on the market

You can also check and compare prices of your product or buy new products on the Market.

Then just select the type and quality of product you are interested about, and its all there ( at least on that country's market ).

Oh, it looks like today's training has completed your mission.

Just click on Complete and you will recieve +5 Strenght, 1 Experience and 100 x Q5 food.

We will publish more tutorials in the future, so stay subscribed, and have fun. 



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What about the Mission 3 : Feed the world, when you already have those factories as first member ?
First O/
I click on assign worker, but i can not start production?
senaid007 you must have already worked as manager, you can do it tomorrow.
What about the resources of regions? Shuffle them!
Hey can we make a Party early so we can get someone in office? We aren't going to be able to last till someone gets to lvl 16 and can make a party. We can get a group together and pool some gold to pay for the party if it's more than 10 gold. Then we can get some candidates and hold an election in 4-5 days.
Is there a hospital or will we need to get one going? Can an admin PM me?
Hello !
Voted o/
Acá esstamo
Precisamos criar um partido
Paso a figurar
One cannot collect Daily reward unless worked as employee - fix that!
Hmmm, whats the point of 3rd mission, i dont need Food factory...
Thanks, very helpful
What about the Mission 3 : Feed the world, when you already have those factories as first member ?²
I dont understand the mission 3, where i get the gold to buy another food factory?
all when your level up, you will get 1 gold, how? just prepare food to go to war. and voila, your level is going up ..Smile
Hmmm, we need information about Tank/Helicopter factories What is need for production(weap raw mat, or maybe weapons) ??
What about the Mission 3 : Feed the world, when you already have those factories as first member ?
how to change citizenship does anyone know?