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I am here today to announce my candidacy for Congress in the next election.

My name is Ufg7.
I grew up in vPop for about two days, and then I was directed here. I started out my career here as a visionary, but for the last week, I have been working not only as a visionary (and a student IRL), but as a citizen active in trying to build this country up, and that work has given me an enormous number of opportunities. 

As a player that does not buy gold, I have some disadvantages, but that is also why I believe I can be a voice for the common people. I have worked in just under 10 war zones, primarily as an member of Seal Team 6. I have had the opportunity to testify before Congress on various forums. I have had the chance to brief many of our leaders several times on new ideas I have for our country, and in my presentation of information to the government at the highest levels, most times my evidence was taken and responded to, and this has given me the chance to see your government, our government, at its best.

As your congressman, in order to help get this federal house back in order, my highest three priorities would be to balance the federal budget, make sure that everybody in the country has a steady source of income, and to get some kind of a coherent, war policy in place so that we may start waging wars to gain not only gold and achievements, but experience in other aspects in the game besides just trade and foreign wars.

All of us balance our checkbooks at home. The federal government has the same responsibility. I will try to come up with, along with the rest of the leaders of our country, some sort of spending plan in an effort to make sure your salary taxes do not get raised again. I firmly believe that lowering the sales tax is necessary in promoting the growth of our citizens.  When food is the main source of income for our lower level players, and each food only costs .06 on the market, a .01 sales tax is destructive to the income of these new players. I'm not saying low prices for food is bad, I am saying a sales tax that takes almost 20% of the income from the seller is bad.

Another major problem we face is the cost of housing.  For this I suggest one of three options:
1) Have players with gold build factories for houses, and sell them just above actual cost to build (Low risk for loss of money of investor).
2) Pool resources for people to afford these, and create some sort of loan agency (Medium risk).
3) Loan gold to other players to build factories for homes (High risk).

These are just my personal essments of the risks, and would have to be discussed further in congress.

Along with this, I suggest a pro-bono system of hiring.  You find a partner, or make a ring of people, to hire each other for a certain set wage, and give the remaining job slots to the new players.

Finally we come to foreign policy.  I firmly believe in strengthening our relationships with our allies, while continuing to ist them with our military. I would like to try to set up a mock war with an ally (or more) over a territory that we can take back and forth. This will benefit both countries by allowing the players from each work their way towards gaining awards and experience.  If the USA or its allies were to ever need one another for the defense of a region, we could always p a mutual protection pact and aid one another until the war was over.

Certainly, it is an uphill battle to beat the existing congressmen and older players in this race, I know that. I also know that I'm a scientist in Biology, Neuroscience, and Psychology, and it is going to be an uphill battle to win this race because I am not a professional politician. I not only accept that challenge. I welcome it. I have spent almost a week of my life serving my country in foreign e-wars, along with learning about many aspects of this game. I have also spent time studying health problems in the country (IRL), and I think that, given the acute needs our nation has, that I am exceedingly well prepared to be your representative in Congress, to be your representative for common sense, and as a voice for the intellectuals, rather than politicians with agendas.

And so, I ask you, as your self-appointed advocate for common sense, is it common sense that we are on the path to make our newer players suffer in the Q1 food market? Does it make sense that rising wages are forcing a greater divide between the newer players and the established players and are going to screw new players out of being able to afford employees? Does it make sense to go on pretending that our international standing has not diminished when the rest of the world thinks that we are no real threat militarily without our allies? Is it common sense to have a sales tax at .01 when the price of Q1 food is nearing .05?

If your answer to any of these questions is no, if the status quo is not acceptable, then I should be your next congressman. The America of making new players shy away from the game due to being unable to thrive is not my America. I know a better, a more responsible, and a more compionate America. That is the America of eRev. Let us do things our country fails to do in real life.

My name is Ufg7. I'm running for Congress, and I hope you will give me your support.

Stay trippy.  'Merica


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