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Hello, and i would like you to show you some stats about the country with the most active citizens in eRevollutionUkraine!

IMPORTANT: Note that all of the information was taken at 08:00 eRevollution time, DAY 22. So if something changed ( you got BH, TP etc. ) don't agrue or ask why you are not on the list ). I chose this country firstly because it has the most citizens in it.

If this post gets VOTES and people like it, i will make more about the rest of the countries. So comment below what country you want to see next in this newspaper! To help my work please SUBSCRIBE and ENDORSE if you can!

Top Ukrainian players by XP

Top Ukrainian players in Strenght

Top Ukrainian players in Total DMG done

Top Ukrainian players in True Patriot DMG done

Top Ukrainian players in Battle Hero medals.

Top Ukrainian players to have most subscribers on their newspaper

So by this statics the top 5 players in Ukraine in everything are:

No.1 Zahyst ( 3 first places, 1 second place )
No.2 Inspection ( 1 first place , 2 second places, 1 third place )
No.3 Chronographer ( 3 second places )
No.4 Controller ( 4 third places )
No.5 XOPC ( not in top 3, but few fourth places )

This is it my friends, if you liked it please VOTE and SUB also SHOUT if you want!!



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Nice article ! VOTED o/
о7 btw they are all cheathers
its strange they have aprox 1200 players and and the 15th player has only 176 sub? anyways grats for the article i vote it Smile
Thanks to all of you and shout is welcome Wink
хороша стаття! вотед
vote and sub, good article
nice article. voted&sub
nice article!!
v sub 4 sub
s4s sub217
Хроно дважды в топе ;-)
о7 btw they are all cheathers