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Shower Thoughts
Just something to consider
Written by Trumpets

Do you ever have those existential crises whilst standing in the shower? You’ve just woken up, you’re barely half awake, and you groggily make your way to the shower. Half-way through, it hits you: “At what point does a spoon become a shovel?”
    I don’t even need to drink copious amounts of caffeine in the morning anymore, I just take a solid shower. My brain has not failed as of yet to come up with a new existential problem for me to deal with.
    This morning’s shower problem was, “at what point does a chicken nugget become a chicken finger?”
I can barely handle the actual issues reality is throwing at me, let alone the ones my mind chips in every morning.
    Recently it’s been getting to the point where I don’t even have to be in the shower for a new epiffany to hit me; It can happen anytime now. During lunch I had a terrifying thought: “I can touch less than 50% of my body with my nose”.
Even as I’m writing this, I find myself with one more issue than I had 2 minutes ago: “Now that we have Uber, it’s ok to get into a stranger’s car and take their candy.”
    I have a rough life.
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Dogs do not have to deal with such shower thoughts, but they can reach far more than 50% of their body with their nose. Would you rather have to deal with existential crises or have to wash your a$$ with your tongue? To me, the better choice seems rather obvious.
Shower thoughts are the best and worst in some cases. You re brain is like in a rollercoaster ride. I usually lose too much time just thinking in shower and mostly question my life choices and reality surrounds me. And i wander if all matter is a slowly vibrating energy and in quantum physics if superpositioning is really valid. We re both exist and unexist at same time and also we might be just somekind of radiowave able to interact with each other...
selling house q4 8.5 golds each o/
Sounds more like when the acid kicks in Smile