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Published in Turkey - First steps in eRevollution - 31 Jan 2016 14:32 - 19

Hello people of eRevollution, today i want to talk with you about the problem we have with the houses and why it useless.


Those one who thought that they can deactivate the house like in one other game, you was wrong.

eRevollution don't have option to deactivate house time, in other words when you active it and use all energy you'll waste many hours every day.

Why you ask? Because when it'll give you 150 more energy (It can give 100 and 50 also based on the quality of the house), you'll still need to wait 10 hours
to recover the 1K basic energy and more 3 hours to recover the house energy.

In 7 days or 168 hours you'll use only 38 Hours the energy of the house with Q3, 28 hours with Q2 and 15 Hours with Q1.

So with Q3 you lose 130 hours, Q2 lose 140 hours and Q1 lose 153 hours.

In other game you can deactivate the House and wait until your energy will be recovered with 500-500=1K and active after that so you'll not lose this 10 hours
from the house time.

I think that the admins have 3 solutions for it:

1. Option to deactivate the house's.

2. Add more time to the house's.

3. Add recover energy for the house's so your energy will be recovered faster and you'll not lose many hours of the house.

Share your opinions and what you think in comments below :)


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or just kick out houses of the game ? Laugh
Thx for info!
Voted o7
voted, just deactive the house xD
also they could add more energy, or combine few of benefits. This is chance to make old game better, question is will they??
@mrcow You didnt read i guess... You can't do it.
s v yup exactly fuckin loose to wait that recover my full health point
I want a bigger house, I can't even make a party inside ! And yes House here, is a really weird thing and the use is still a mystery...
S+v \\o//
Another option would be that it recovers in a separate timer and maybe not every 6min +10health, but every 10min +10heath.
v 51 o7
Kami?, again expanding the Amaterasu domains ? xDDDD
@Shirogane Yes Laugh
Thank You, I will not activate the house until they solve this.