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Dear fellow Citizens!

I'd like to present a small yet disturbing matter to the community and a possible solution.

The TP medals.
So you see a battle where your country is involved. You start hitting and after a certain amount (call it X onward) you get a TP (True Patriot) medal.
This is nice, the problems come, when people start prioritizing unimportant TP battles over very important ally battles. This leads to confrontation between players and leaders all the time as MU leaders won't set TP battle as DO, while some players constantly crying for it.

My idea is the implementation of a new medal, let's call it True Ally Fighter medal.

Possible implementation 1:

In case dear Admins decide to implement the medal, but don't want to give significantly more gold to the players, they can simply merge the 2 medals and increase the needed damage.
So this means you see the 2 medals as one, and the damage counter requirement is one also, only the required damage could be 2X.

Possible implementation 2:

The new medal could be implemented as a standalone, seperate brand new medal, also with a new damage counter on the profile page. Once you reach the amount, you get the medal. Since finding alliance battles is much easier than finding TP battles, I'd set the requirement somewhere between 1,3-1,5X (compared to original TP)

Update: Idea of ktab

If you implement COD (Campaign of the Day), which is set by the President or MOD (Minister of Defence), it would be nice if the damage done in COD would also count into TP.  Damage requirement could be also 1,3-1,5X.
(I like this idea, maybe because it's the easiest to implement)

I really hope you like this idea. If you do, please leave a comment and show your support!

Have a nice day,



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Comments (23)

Érdekes elgondolás, de tetszik az ötlet! o7
o7 i agree with your idea but i think it should be totally different medal which will give the same amount of gold and also the same system for the TP medal !
Yes, but admins might now want to give a lot more golds. With your system that's the case. With my options the system is balanced.
Better would be to make 2 medals, TP + AllyTP. Both will have the same counter of dmg. When you reach dmg target you get medal depending where you fight for last hit.
Jó lenne ha ebbe az irányba menne a fejlesztés, szerintem jó ötlet, hogy a szövi csatákat is megérje ütni az egyéneknek is.
True allie medal lehetne a neve o7 ja és ment a sub meg a vót
Good Idea Smile
Hallottam már mástól is ezt az ötletet, nem véletlenül. Nagyon jó elképzelés, komoly hátrányt képes okozni a játék ezen hibája. ő7
nice idea v 42
Great idea
v,not bad idea at all!!
Nice one! take a look dear admins! v+s
Not bad mate !
attack croatia and we will get TP Laugh
Adding a new medal, AllyTP V61
This problem need attention.
Not a good idea. TP is a honour medal for achieving patriotic damage. A ally badge wouldn't be bad, but it would break off the slogan "My country first"
Most of us only fight in ally or our country battles so this kind of medal will be same as rank.But 2 medals one tp and other for ally dmg is a good idea though.
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Good Idea o7
staeno sub,vote,komentar