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Greetings citizens,
today i would like to present to you an interview i did with Biskvit. I hope you enjoy if you have any feedback feel free to comment or send me a PM. Lets get started

A few words from Biskvit before we start:

Thank you for interviewing me, just want to say that I am one of the admins, not almighty admin, and everything we do is put to a vote and decided.
Now about the questions: 

1. What are your thoughts on the current situation of the game?
Currently we have a sort of calm before the storm. Military alliances were recently created and major battles will come later in wars. Limiting MPP s has influenced some alliances (but also made countries form alliance in 2 blocks). It will be interesting to see what happens next.

2. Are the admins going to try and save the game or?
We are constantly working out on improving the game, adding new events and functionalities. 

3. You are Bosnian right? how come you are in Switzerland in the game? :D
I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but I live everywhere a bit during one year, including Switzerland as well. 


4. How did you come up with the idea to start such a game?
Well our team has made other games in the past as well, and this game was made based on previous experiences and it s the best one we've made so far. 

5. Are there any big plans for the one year anniversary of the game? if yes can you maybe give us a hint? 
There were big plans for new design (mind blowing graphics) but i don t think it will be ready until January 11th (not by our fault ) but, we can only hope it will be finished by then. We haven t decided on date for the discounts yet.

6. How do you feel about SSF falling apart? ;) 
Well now that they have left the game, in such uncivilized way, i feel no sympathies for them. One unit does not make a country. 


7. Apart from Switzerland, what is your favorite country? :D
Apart from Switzerland, my favorite country in game is Russia (and their efforts to keep the country on the map alongside powerful enemies).
8. Players used to like you at the start, what happened aha ( I still like you don t worry ;) )
Players think I am the only admin, there are 5 of us :) I don t make all the decisions. I wouldn't have time to do all alone. I am the only admin that is playing the game actively as regular player ( in order to view the game from their standpoints). 

9. What changes do you think the game needs?
Well, I personally would add a lot of changes to war(3 stage wars each that lasts for 8 hours, and in each stage, certain weapons have advantages and disadvantages, economy(add taxes to donations and MM, to bring life to market trading, add new industries), politics and player progress (like i wrote in my article way, way earlier in the game) but like I said before, I am not the only admin :)


10. anything you want to say to the readers?
 Play fair and follow the rules. Have fun in the game. 

Now a few questions outside of the game:

11. Do you like to drink? :P
 I drink on the weekends with my friends (beer only :P )

12. What hobbies do you have in real life ( apart from drinking a lot :P )
I am a Tech Enthusiast. I have to know/try everything about new technologies (PC, Smartphones, gadgets etc.)

Thank you for doing the interview with me/ hvala lijepo o/



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Interview with the great mod Biskvit
o7 on January 11 is my birthday, so I am older then erev just by 20 year Laugh
do you eat biscuit ?
I do eat biscuit komeng_saja Laugh
Biskvite vracaj se u Bosnu Cheeky
Voted, let s see what is coming. =]
Good interview. I hope that among the improvements consider placing the Granite and Deer bonus within South America. It would be more entertaining the game and there would be interesting wars in the region
please add those changes you are talking about Smile
If you want to improve game just send me a lot of gold and game will be improved for me Laugh
Vracam se majci u Bosnu
dobre su ti ideje,provedite ih Wink
Idea for the game? Yeah, it came out of the blue... Very original. [/sarcasm]
Bikvit, what about Map?? you dont think changes there are needed or dare i say.. will we ever get map designed for eRep??
Šlag,biskvit,banane jednako torta od banana
Prodjoh Bosnom kroz gradove...
There is a very old and very good proposal for making MUs more social. Once in a day the MU leader can deploy a mission in any battle and whoever fights in that battle and is member of the MU receives lets say 50% bonus damage. The mission can only last 5 minutes so the cheaters with many multies cant log into all of them and make damage.
OR maybe this mission can be started only in a country that is being under attack and their original regions is attacked.
Any rewards for lvl 100?
o7 my respect to you bro Wink
Well Played, Good Journalism
@Tsilo @TheRedActor thanks guys
@Biskvit What should we as players do to aid you implementing these changes you are talking about. Sounds like some great ideas.
Perfect article Wink hail biskvit Wink
@Kecalkoatli thanks bro
Manje price vise rada, ovo je sramno sve
Question 7, good answer Laugh
biskvit go moderate something and leave the thinking part to the admins, so far you only managed to ruin the game and chase of some good players.
Biskvit one of the coolest guys here. o7