Are you bored? enjoyful 17 website for you

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1- A Soft Murmur

This website is for rest one s head. You combine different sounds and create you own restful music.

2- Stickman s Adventure

Draw a stickman and you have an adventure with instruction. sorry for my drawing 😕


You are looking at to space photographs and I know you admire to gas clouds(nebulas). Come on!! Go and Draw, you have a own nebula!

4- Faces of F*cebook

This website have all f*acebook users. Approximately 1,5 billion people. ıf you bored sit and find yourself ehehe 😃

5- Matrix Voice

Press square and create yourself music. You write yourself reel name and listen how the music 😉

6- Sandpile

Pour sand and create yourself art ehehe 😃

7- İncredibox

This is my favorite website. Sign and see. needles to say.

8- İllustrasyon

Nested and infinity pictures. A Fascinating website.

9- Theremin

For music lover 😃 but I m not quite understand this website 😕 required discovering...

10- İnvisable cow

Find to invisable cow with controlling sound

11- Tic-Tac-Toe

I guess we all know this game?

12- Snake

nokia 3310 ehehehe, remembers??

13- Staggering Beauty

Absurd and funny

14- MARS

You are discoverin surface of the Mars.

15- Rainymood

Sit and listen to rainy. Restful...

16- Thought Rom

Are you sufferer?? Enter! I don t comment. you guys please comment.

17- Here is This Year

interactive callendar.



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