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Greetings citizens of the eWorld,

I want to publish a brief article about our unit since it is almost 2 months of our MU creation. 

The Green Berets are an Elite Military Unit for special operations established 12th of October in Iran. Our unit accepts top notch players (Not just in terms of account strength) with a specific personality. We value teamwork above everything as well as dedication and activity. Potential soldiers who do not posses such qualities cannot be a part of our team.

What is the role of Green Berets?

1) Guerrilla Warfare
2) Reconnaissance
3) Espionage
4) Wartime Operations
5) Counter-PTO Operations

Most of all, we specialize in mobility and mive last-minute damage. We are an independent Unit which fights for personal goals and gains. However, since Iran is our base of operations, we will use all of our ets to protect Iranian regions and lation from all types of threats, both internal and external.

One of our greatest features is that we invest gold into our member companies. All of our members have Advanced training centers Q4, and soon, all will have at least Q3 life kits with all necessary food production and raw materials required for it. Our supplies are formidable, and will be much bigger once we finish our projects.

As a professional Military Unit we use the finest tools which help us in organization and information gathering. Such as, eSTATS Pro (made by our member Ahileus) which makes organized hits much easier to lead and to monitor all kinds of information. Bots for Discord channels (made by our member Zamorski).

Example of our organized hit page:


Bot commands:


Our website (soon to be finished):


Our current location is the Iranian capital South Khorasan, but we will soon move into Northwestern Iran (Original Green Berets HQ) where we will have our own Q5 hospital and a palace just because we can. About this, you will soon read more in the next article of the Iranian Prime Minister.

Letter to the Persian people:


It has been over a month since we decided to situate our unit in your country. From the start, we were welcomed with honor, love and respect. We have come to the conclusion that it is incredibly difficult to write about Iran, reason being that there are no words strong enough to describe our love and respect towards your country and people. Your hospitality and respect have left us speechless, and with emotions hard to describe. Thus, we will forever remember everything you have done for us and I hope we will be worthy of you calling us your brothers and friends. All hail Iran! All hail the Green Berets!


نامه ای به مردم ایران:برادرانمان،
یک ماه میگذرد از زمانی که ما گروهمان را در کشور ایران مستقر کرده ایم. از شروع، از ما با اقتخار،احترام و عشق استقبال شد. ما به یک نتیجه خیلی سخت رسیدیم که بتونیم برای ایران بنویسیم، دلیلش هم اینه که هیچ کلماتی به اندازه کافی قوی نیستند که بتوانند عشق و احترام ما را به ایران و مردمش توصیف کند. استقبال شما و احترام شما نسبت به ما ، ما را بدون حرف گذاشته و حتی با احساسات هم خیلی سخت است که توصیفش کنیم. بنابراین، ما همیشه به خاطر خواهیم داشت که چه کار هایی برایمان انجام دادید و امیدوارم ما ارزش این را داشته باشیم که شما رو دوستمان و برادرمان خطاب کنیم. همه درود بر ایران! همه درود به کلاه سبز ها!

They shall be my finest warriors, these men who give themselves to me.
In great armor I shall clad them and with the mightiest helis they shall be armed.
They will have such tactics, strategies and machines that no foe can best them in battle.
They are the Defenders of Iran.
They are my Green Berets and they shall know no fear.

Hame baraye yeki, yeki baraye hame, hame baraye IRAN!

Our Honorary Members:

- Puoch -
- G0KTuRK -
- AbrahamLincoln -
- Saint Optimum -
- Ancestral -
- Tancred -
- no0bsailbot -
- Harmak -
- rezaderaz -
- Amir -


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