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As the topic implies i dont fill my precious time anymore with this game, only when i really have to do what others wont. The voice of the gamers is filled with hatred based on irl issues, the admins are playing their own development games without any notice, and the changes are heading toward something i dont want to be a part of. Sorry for my delay, but you may understand...

Every country may have only 6 MPPs. So no new MPP proposals in the next weeks, while old ones are running out, as we can not cancel them. This is a huge mistake, but that will negate in a month, so lets forget about this (quite unfortunate and big) issue.

Is it bad? I think so:
-we have closed 7-membered alliancities, as VaeVictis may be formed by two 7-members groups, so i d rather notcall this groups alliances.
-we wont help weaker nations while we may have stronger MPP-s, due tothis limit wemust chose between our friends
-we will have less MPP-s thus less available battles, so we will consume less weapons (do not underestimate this problem!)
-7-membered groups will be closed together, no new member without kick somebody out, no friendships above alliances are supported
-no indepent states are supported (they need allianceless mpps, they are based on friendship and understanding instead of brute strengths), and this weakens the game s profile, as we must stay within the imaginary borders, that are not that fun (the greatness of these games are that: these are empty glasses, and what it worth is what we fill it with. with a rule like this, we can not fill more than its actual size)

I cant decide, maybe good:
-we ll have smaller alliances, we must be active and good bros to stay in the seat
-we will appreciate a closer ally than a (bit) stronger far away, as the second front the closer can open to help us can be more useful - however we have to chose between them

It is quite good:
-It is unreal to hit in Japan, and with the same booster hit in Italy and check the battle in Brazil. We heritaged a bad MPP concept but instead of use their own imagination, or simply ask the (decreasing) crowd of players, admins made an other bad and unreal rule. Yes i understand and support this rule, but it is still bad, and could have been done much better. We just have to understand why the MPP is bad. Copypaste: It is unreal to hit in Japan, and with the same booster hit in Italy and check the battle in Brazil. That is why the romans built their legendary roads, that is what every enormous empire faced in the history.

So instead of this bad rule a proposal based on simple facts:
-you fight better for your own country than for your best ally s: every hit suffers (i propose) -25% when your country is not involved (also you may want to remove or decrease the TA medals -50% gold reduction)
-you can not fight in the Middle-East from London: If you are not in the region or its neighbouring region you suffer (i propose) -25% to your hit
-we are not emails, we must deliver our bodies to kick some ass: You may travel (with 100w or 0.3g) only a certain distance (5 regions?) every other travel in the same day costs double than the previous one.
-(no simple fact here in my mind): MPP costs must be based on the number of soldiers/citizens (any number at hand). So between two 100 habitants it must be only around 1g, but between two 1000 must be around 10g. I propose: root(Acitizens*Bcitizens)/100

With these you fiy the bad, heritaged problems of the MPPs, without any unreal limits. These are just my thought i am sure, in the community lies much better solution. If nothing else reaches you, please learn only one thing: NOTICE US BEFORE CHANGES. costs you almost nothing, lets us help you with future mistakes, and gives us better impression than any actually good improvement.


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