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Food for thought for game's programmers.

1) Capture a region.
For this we will use 2 countries as example. Slovakia vs Czech Rep. Czech republic conquers Western Slovakia in a battle. A row of RW start to take place.
In case Slovakia cannot liberate the region while trying 10 times in a row the region will be attached to Czech Republic as core (num can be discussed.. for lower tries).
The only regions that cannot be captured will be the Capitals of nations (so nations will not be wiped from map).

2) Specialties for Battle module
I strongly disagree with 3 groups that have seen recently like weaps-tanks-heli (if it's not as I have thought about it.. as follows)

It would be an idea for people to get specialties. Infantry-Tank-Airforce
While Airforce is 50,01 influence and above enemy tanks do 10% less damage (airforce=tank killers)
While Tanks are 50.01  influence and above enemy infantry do 10% less damage (tanks = overwhelming attack )
While infantry is 50.01  influence and above enemy airforce do 10% less damage (infantry = anti-aircraft)
Battle time have to be shorten max to 12 hours, and 3 battlefields, independent each other should take place. Win 2 out of 3 get the winner.
One may choose all 3 specialties but he will have standard points to distribute to skills. So we will have multitask soldiers with limited power or professionals in each specialty. Points will be gained into battlefields with BH, Max kills, follow DO ect. Loyal soldiers should be rewarded. On the other hand, fighting against your CS's MPPs should be penalized regarding specialty points.

3) Battles
Do not implement, if you have in mind, CO in battles

3) Economy
a) Lower factories prices and separate the dependance about weap->tank->heli (in case you like the specialties scenario)
b) Implement Orgs for Government, Mu, Parties and Civilians. Each and everyone with different abilities and usage.
c) Set a top limit to employees one can have as TOTAL. This way job market will be stabilized and small players will have a chance to sell their poor raws at the market
d) Not to be able to fire employee unless 24 hours have passed
e) Did I mention contracts? Obviously not. We need a system that will allow secure (as much secure as can be in an online game) loans of items or money within citizens or citizen and state.

4) Forums
I have written about it before, check my previous article about forums


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good stuff!
bad idea
voted... espacialy for the skill stuff... point 3 (factory prices) could get a problem... all the rich guys whould cry that they payed more in the past for the factories... but i whould love to see them cry... Laugh
I'm a payer and I have no problem crying if game gets better Cheeky
Thats right, PUT CO in this game and be like plato the idiot
There is also a lock of tools for Governors
SonOfTangra, this is exactly what I say. "If they have this in mind, forget it" Smile
i think i missed something xD
CO=soldiers of fortune, alliances collapse, individualism. One should be self-destruct to want CO in the game Wink
That moment when you realize, that eRevollution has stolen the worldmap from - and you come with "new ideas".. pff Laugh
Bad idea for the Capitals. I can make the capital as region which block a country.
so what? It might be occupied but can never be attached to the occupier Smile I think you missed my point
What happen if the capital block the bonus ways and not.possible to conqure?
conquer attach/capture. A whole country could be erased. But hold it's core regions. If a region is failed to be liberated for 10 times in a row, this country looses this region from cores and goes to the occupier. The only region that cannot be lost from cores is Capital. If capital would be captured (not occupied) then this nation would be erased too from erev. Not only it's regions as it would not have the ability to start rw anywhere. I hope i clarified this a bit more Smile
*conquer is different than attach/capture lets check on an example. Israel have the following regions: Haifa, TEl Aviv (capital), Nazareth and Beersheba Turkey has conquered whole Israel. Haifa region fails to be liberated in 10 RWs. The region is attached to Turkey's cores. Nazareth the same. 10 fails, region attached to Turkey's cores. Beersheba the same. Tel Aviv now, fails to be liberated a million times. The region cannot be attached to Turkey's cores cause it's Israel's capital. It will remain occupied until (or if..) Israelis manage to liberate it. If Tel aviv would be lost forever then Israelis would not have a starting land to fight for freedom. Do you see my point?
voted Laugh
vote :o
A brand new project just started, to anyone that is interested in the community part of the game: , it's a global humanitary project, take a look, be a part of it, get known for helping!
Wery good article..
good article, admin please hear this plea!!
I only like the employees stuff, and the request not to implement COs. sub4sub
Need contracts
CANAL OFICIAL BOLIVANO en eRevolution #eRevol.BO Official Channel Bolivia #eRevol.BO
have Czech Republic, have vote Smile