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One Button Illusion | Day 20 | Issue 2

Dear readers,

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Let me begin by saying that if you are into the sub-for-sub scheme, don't even bother with sending me the sub requests. I simply ignore them :) If I ever get the MM medal, I will know that it was for the content.

In this issue, I will focus on two main topics: the issue of strategy that is seriously undermined with the ability to purchase DMG with RL money, and, the World Map and first indications of joint actions.

Of course, in the second segment, I will pin-point several latest articles worthy of reading, and newspapers worthy of subbing.

Hope you enjoy the read!

Recently, the Admins have issues a new Admin News insider, where they have reflected the past few days' discussion with regard the inequality of means, having in mind the use of cards to purchase gold with RL money and win battles easily. Following a number of requests from the players, ...


like these ones:

(somewhere I have read a very interesting comment (or an article) where one player was explaining how to make the game more interesting by giving a certain amount of bonus to smaller countries to make them more strategically important - I cannot find the source anymore, and would appreciate your help if you are able to point me in the right direction)


... the Admins have decided to implement the first series of restrictions with regard the purchase of gold in order to partially level-up the playing field (Now players are able to buy only 3 packs of energy drinks and 1 pack of RPG’s every 12hours.).

The article prompted an interesting discussion, so be sure to check that out
The point is the following. No matter how well organized one country is, if among their citizens they cannot find people who are willing to spend RL cash to win battles, they cannot enjoy the game from the tactical and strategic perspective. Thus, the strategy falls behind the RL money spending power. During the open discussion (some of the points raised in the discussion I have pin-pointed in my previous article), a set of interesting proposals was placed forward on how to reduce or negate this obvious issue.

Personally, I think that the Admins should think out-side-of-the-box, and endeavor to propose a model that would not be based on other similar games. One interesting proposal coming for the past week's debate pushed forward an idea whereby one could not purchase DMG through RL purchase, but other sorts of bonuses (production, bonus to fighting (limited, of course), etc.). The decision to restrict the purchase is a good step forward, but the Admins should consider further steps soon, or else there will be a too-big a gap between the RL money spenders and other players very soon.

If this is to occur, the strategy will loose in favor of the RL money, and the game will definitely become just another clone of the first one. Let's see if we all can prevent that.

World Map

With the DMG purchase in mind (as argued above), let's look at the strategic outlook as now available through the newly implemented alpha version World Map:

One can immediately notice that some nations have spread all around :) Ireland has moved into North America, UK has moved into Scandinavia, Japan is conquering the Central Asia, Poland and Croatia are dividing the Central Europe, Ukraine and Georgia have divided the Euro-Asia region, and Switzerland is exactly where it should be :)

The biggest positive surprise is Ireland, with just 34 active citizens, and the biggest negative surprise is Serbia (ranked 2nd in the global population ranking - 1.212 active citizens), falling behind with regard the military organization and conquest.

At this point, it is not clear to what extent the formation of first Alliances (see my previous article) has influenced the strategic strikes across the global battle plan, but individual reports (like the ones in the Balkan region) indicate a fair amount of early support and tactical re-distribution of DMG power. Once the Alliances are fully organized, we can expect major changes on the World map. I do hope a completely new set of article will appear in the World media, focusing on the military strategy and reports in different regions of the World, allowing for a proper analysis of the global and regional theaters.
Articles of Interest

Citizen Fibonnacci has raised a number of very interesting and useful questions that many of us are wondering about, especially given the fact that they have a significant impact on both the military strategy and economics (both state and individual). I will definitely keep track of that article in hopes that the Admins will either respond in the comment, or write a new insider.

    A quality Parliament election program plan by one US citizen.
    calculation of weapons' prices in line with the RPG Admin-set price.
    Quality Press Manifesto.
    Good national report and a message of hope (Serbia).
    Good national report (Macedonia).
    Great tutorial series by the French Ministry of Solidarity.

Finally, did you know that the Georgian women:
Tnx for reading!

Hope to see you in the next issue too!



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