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Good evening eUSA citizens, and thank you for reading this article. I am here to announce my campaign to maintain my seat in the eUSA Congress.

I started playing vPopulus about three months ago, and immediately jumped into action in the game. I started an incredibly successful newspaper called “The Bugle”. I interviewed many of the top players in the game nationally and internationally. helping myself and my fellow countrymen gain knowledge on the game’s political and economic systems. I reached the international billboards with many of my articles, and did very well as a writer, even being a contractor for the ZT Insider, one of vPopulus’ most popular newspaper.

In the first two months of the game, I was able to grow quite quickly. I was able to work with numerous vPopulus players who have now transitioned to here, like TheMadCatter, Apollos, Trumpets, Jcheck, and others in an international relief organization called “The Blue Spark”. While I served as the Head of Politics and Relations for the organization, I was able to meet a lot of world leaders and I spread our reach throughout the vWorld, and we were all able to help a lot of people.

After that, I was approached by the President Tom Killah and asked to join the presidential cabinet. I then became the nation’s Secretary of the DoI, where I continued my efforts to help players in the vUSA by running multiple companies, breaking up monopolies, and donating items to the new users to help them in their endeavors. I am currently still the head of the Department of Interior, and I am attempting to bring the game back from the brink of disaster.

Through the recommendation of many of my friends, I joined eRevollution of the first day it opened to the public. I was lucky enough to be approached by BioHaze a few days later to be the Secretary of the Department of the Interior and Education, a job I take with great care. Currently, I am working on creating a housing program to provide Q1 and Q2 houses to our members, as well as providing free food and guns for use in wars.

As one of this nation’s first Congressmen, I have also worked diligently to pass laws to help all of our citizens, and the country itself. Through the use of the ePoll, the Nation Citizens Registry, and numerous other programs, I work in Congress to help citizens everywhere, not just the VISA players. I have pushed for new minimum wage laws to provide more money to the working class, and pushed against the high wage taxes. I also am pushing a new bill in Congress, along with Eddie, to give the eUSA a natural enemy, so we can work to fight and get Patriotic Medals.

As a businessman, I currently have set some eRev records. Not only was  I one of the first people in the housing industry and the weapon industry, but I am also the first business owner to provide healthcare to his workers, as well as weekly bonuses and raises.

These, along with my other accolades within the Federalist Party and the Scout Regiment,  prove my loyalty to the game, and serving all users, Visa or not. I hope you agree with my beliefs, and choose to vote HunBurry for Congress. If you have any questions or need anything, message me. And always, happy eReving everyone!


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