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Hello eRev players and Admins,

Few days ago I faced with an issue in RL which effected me a lot and make me start thinking about everything.
It wasn t relevante direct to the game but in the end it is.
Those who knows me , know that im working in cancer hospital, so im watching every singel day a lot of suffer, losts,ect ….but when is involved someone who is close to you its completly different story , especially if it is a young man. 
And that made me think : 

Every single day in past 2 weeks when i login into the game, skype, discord ,..i  saw only hate, disappointments
,verbal violence,ect… it makes me even more sad. Why? I will tell you why : 
Cos this is a GAME!!
 Are we all  forget on that?
Do we really have to bring RL into a game?
Is there not enough violence,hate,suffering  already? Must we really bring that also into the game????
Are we capeble to separate RL from the game and have justfun? At least here?!
Plssss guys , before you start comment again and realising all your hate on admins or another country player or me , ask your self :
Is itworth it?
Is that the reason why you started playing game?
Do i really want  that?
In the end i want to add just few fatcs which i know you wont like it but before you react on this plsss think good .It is just a game! And we accept at the start that we will play by their rules. They are owners and trying to do the best they can ofc not always right for everyone but in the end they are just humans too. 
Let be honest also to yourself – if we get a chance to cheat– maybe just small breaking rules- we will do it –it is in our humen nature – and it wont hurt anyone right? - but why we are so pissed off on them when we get punishmend?! Yeaa it also in our nature.
I smile many times looking on main wall or skype –we are actually acting like small childrens or some of us taking game to serious.
Ohhh, one more thing i notice in this game is also calling Domino effect – when is one player »hurt« (get ban or whatever) a dosnt(a lot off ppl) of others (his friends) start feeling the same before even check if maybe just maybe he did something wrong.
On one side it is nice to see how you are bonded but on the other side it would be good to see that you think
with your own head . 
My conclusion : It is just a game. If you dont like it , just stop playing instead of looking for fight with others and making things even worse for you and others. 

If you see in this article anything wrong for you , will tell me only one thing :
we are to infected by the RL issues so much that we are not able anymore to know how to play, have fun and relax.
And that makes me sad cos be aware life is to short , can endedvery  suddenly. ENJOY IT!!!

Love yaa all,
Diamond Lady (ex.BlackWidow)

p.s. I apologize in front if iinsult someone it wasnt my intention at all, just want to share my feeling with


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Voted o7
why all copy me?
voted o7
Voted as hell , but the imbalance in game brings up oppression which generates hate. Personally I accept my part on hate via shouts but truth must be told. Make a fair game with many alliances, interesting to play. At the moment all I see is oppression.
momy Cheeky
Because we love you @fric
guys dont get me wrong , i love to fight , lets have big wars but dont mix rl issues with game ..peaky there is a lot insults coming from rl that is boder me. Fair game with many alliance is on US -PLAYERS not admins be honest Wink
This game already let too much hatred born between sides. No matter how much try wont take it back. Good job admins done there by filling their pocket. A social era turned into battlefield instead of meeting of differences.
game let it or us??? think - we did that not game , we play not them! and the easiest way to satisfied our hate is put blame on other person in this case admins.
Diamon Lady, There were rules to be applied, if those would be applied from day 1 correctly, Heaven wouldnt turn into Hell. All content published by users cannot contain spam, pornography, nude pictures. racism, flaming, insulting content, external advertising, vulgarity or violations of any real life law.
all due respect it is your opinion Hokage no one feels hatred here people are talking together in discord they invite each other to their channels u cant expect people behave as u wish Smile
i actually had good idea about way to create few alliances that would be also dynamic and well balanced 3-4 sides while in turn it would stop creation of single dominant side. I will translate it on english when i get chance, but even tho players who could read it have liked idea, admins said game is fine the way it is and they have no intention of doing anything about anything...
jajaaaaaa jaja lover ?
Because game need more player . Less player = dead game.
Hokage --about this changed rules i realy dont get it why such a big deal ?! if you play as you should doesnt effect you and about you just listed --this is not alowed from day 1 come on
people forget how to have fun. Erev is a game,so have fun people.
I agree, dominobricks already started falling because rules haven t been followed, it is several reasons that have caused this. Players and even mods are leaving because because wrong decisions been made - not ONLY by players, that s why it is important to clarify reasons and be openminded instead of close the door its better of explain to players which are the biggest assets to the game to prevent the effects you mention. Earlier wall was filled with sales(annoying), now its racism(not even worth check wall). I know that people have got different punishments for same crimes and been ignored, that causes frustration and anger. To just close the door to the biggest assets a game have is the biggest mistake instead of explain what they done wrong. Even people that just defend themselves against racism can get punished harder than the attacker - should be opposite. EXAMPLE: Who always have the highest responsibility in a company if I as an employee lose a hand or something screw up on the company? Me or the Company? Worth thinking about in this case i think...
well said lady o7
Jimmy agree with you; but my point in this article was completly diffrent - actually you tell me me exactly what i wrote in the end. I just hope that is out there more relaxed ppl who still knows what is game and what is RL ...and im very happy for them-they know how to live!
doğru diyorsun ❤
Diamond Lady, hehe never thought I d say thanks but I know what you mentioned first about real life as well, and deaths, pain IRL and a game is suppose to be fun. The dominobricks are already falling. Diamond Lady you gave diamonds but received ash in return which I respect you for. How long does it take for a doctor to arrive and declare death usually in hospital when you see the patient is dead or YOU have to give up first? this feel kinda whats going on... Democracy and some mobs attacking other people. This is a good story for people Cheeky
Jimmy you still dont get my point; its not about dead but about the path to come it and that we should respect what we have. And i do not care what i receive in returen --for me is still more importent what i give and not what i get !
Yes I do I was talking about the game
I have only one question. Who is spredding hate here?