The Melting Pot

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Now I am sure you all have noticed the wages in the job market are slowly climbing.

I contemplated grabbing one of those, but it just didn't seem right to desert my employer (as this would force him to offer up a higher paying job to a new employee).  So what did I do?  I simply asked him for a raise.  Rather than asking for $7 (currently on the market) I asked for my $5 salary to be raised to $6 in an effort of maintaining a good relationship with my employer (who is on my friends list).  How can you do this? By one of two ways, (make sure to mail your employer asking them to do one of these after asking for the raise):

1) Quit the job BEFORE working, and have your employer (the day before or right then) offer up the $6 (or whatever you want) job on the market.  After you quit, find the job your employer has reposted, and voila you now have a raise.

2) If you are really generous or if your employer cannot offer another job due to having all positions taken: work that day for the lower wage, and then have your employer fire you.  They then can post a new offer which you should be able to accept for when you can work again.

Again, the point of this is to not screw over our employers as they are not only citizens too, but our comrades that we will have to rely on to advance in this eWorld.  I hope you like this article, and spread the word!

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