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His announcement recently that he is going to run for the office of president of the United States of America was a grand one. The buzzing of patriotic music which is the sounds of fre and liberty is circulating the airwaves of eUSA and the eworld yesterday as his announcement speech contain more than just promises but the voices of all common Americans  believingfor a greater tomorrow. I love the music that Abraham Lincoln  has put in the article as the music does notonly describe fre and liberty but the common struggles and challenges  that we as eAmericans has faced in spite ofwars, we fought bravely and in spite any type of disasters we just paved through without any problem. This is what eUSA is all about which Abe truly understands this, It doesn’t matter what political ideology you have whether it is left- wing or Ring-Wing but if you have the willingness to make a change with your ideas you can message Abe as he has open the doors for you to talk to him via PM. I would like to wish Abe all the best of luck as he needs it. This is going to be a glorious month and through fre and unity we can achieve this, so the vote is in your hands VOTE FOR ABE

Let’s talk about the congressional elections well.

I am hosting a segment on FED MEDIA where Federalist candidates who going for congress have a chance to post their elections campaign articles on FED MEDIA. So I urge all candidates to write their articles up and sent them to me so I can post them on this newspaper for all of the eCitizens to see and judge your character. This will create awareness and legitimacy on campaign as a whole, SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING START WRITING Thank you for reading  FED MEDIA and as always be PROUD and HORNY have great day or night


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Abe has my vote and I'm not American!