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Greetings fellow players!

As there have been many reports from you that gold buyers have too much of an advantage in fights, we have taken some action about that, 
because we don’t want to turn this game into pay2win as much as you don’t.
Now players are able to buy only 3 packs of energy drinks and 1 pack of RPG’s every 12hours
That means if you buy either of that you need then wait 12 hours to buy again.
We are also looking for more ways to make the game fair for all. This is just the first of changes.

As you may have noticed there have been some changes to graphics as well as a weekly event 
where you can get some nice gifts from snowballs this winter has brought.

We are working heavily on releasing a world map for all regions and it is nearly done already.
Screenshot below. As map is still in the works screenshots aren’t final as some details may still change.


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