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Published in United Kingdom - First steps in eRevollution - 28 Jan 2016 11:37 - 86

Greetings fellow players!

As there have been many reports from you that gold buyers have too much of an advantage in fights, we have taken some action about that,
because we don’t want to turn this game into pay2win as much as you don’t.
Now players are able to buy only 3 packs of energy drinks and 1 pack of RPG’s every 12hours.
That means if you buy either of that you need then wait 12 hours to buy again.
We are also looking for more ways to make the game fair for all. This is just the first of changes.

As you may have noticed there have been some changes to graphics as well as a weekly event
where you can get some nice gifts from snowballs this winter has brought.

We are working heavily on releasing a world map for all regions and it is nearly done already.
Screenshot below. As map is still in the works screenshots aren’t final as some details may still change.


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Thank you !
Voted. Nice Job, Keep up good work.
o7 nice job
о7 for limit
o7 Magyar verzió:
When will you fix the BATTLE'S ???
hey admins, put the links in the feed click-able, copy-paste them is really really boring
when you will stop crying Laugh
reduce the lag in battles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KyloRen when will greece collapse ?
Kylo its not about crying, its about reporting bugs just like this one u attacked us in Sofia.
i like it
o7 Good Job! New Server plz!
Keep going o7
nice go on like this Laugh
World map takes a lots of time to charges. :o
amazing job if possible we plea to denounce the battle in Sofia because it was started by breaking the game rules. the published game rules tate clearly that usage of bug by purpose which is giving advantages is prohibited Sad
Tanin, stop crying. U were so happy last night
Well, the damage is done, but it's a good step nonetheless. Wink
dont u think all countries need to have same number of teritories? I mean yes, some are smaller countries in RL, but this is fkn game. Make it fair to all. France and USA have more teritories then players.
I hate the mouse over function btw ^^ I guess we'll get use to
Jebi visase
SonOfLolgaria i Love you too =) better Server plz
Respect for inovations about restricting dmg buyin'. And I really mean this. I still think that 6000 health is too much, and that it basically didnt change anything in this first months of playing. Maybe in 2-3-4 years from now it will have some effects, but - in RL I am always against opponing something what we didnt try. So, ok - you made some restrictions. If it shows some effect - great, good job. If not - well, what encourage me the most is that you are open for players sugestions and that you are ready to do something so your gaming community can be pleased (satisfied). So, respect for things you made so far....
6000 is a lot yes, but it can be counter by number. I really think it's a great balance. Be very carefull with this Admin, yes you dont want the game to be p2w but you dont want to make p2w players go away (my english is so bad sry)
Awesome JOB, RESPECT! Thx Smile
Cool, like the looks of the map! Easy for eyes Smile.
Hail Hungary! o7
i love u!
ADMIN. make 2xp for working in any of the companies. While the fighters benefit from the rank points when they fight, the businessman should benefit from XP when they work. I think its a fair balance
good job admins Smile
very slow
Weapon.Tank.Helicopter.RPG Price VS Damage EN|UA
You should change colors of country. Especially, Asia countries Sad
Good Job!
Austria o/
Excellent job.Keep it up good work.o7
Very slow and very very light.
(the anti-p2w project. )
Good job Smile
I like this game! Good job!
They can buy and not use them, and after 12h they can buy them again. Still they can stack them.
The RPGS didn't even barely do any damage ... what babies
Finally it was time! now I can see the orientation of how it's going my country :o
Tanin, everybody loves me
Add Serbian
ADMIN. make 2xp for working in any of the companies. While the fighters benefit from the rank points when they fight, the businessman should benefit from XP when they work. I think its a fair balance
ADMIN!!! Wher is BEER Factory?LaughLaughLaugh
vote map (y)
Weapon.Tank.Helicopter.RPG Price VS Damage EN|UA
stolen from good job Smile
o7 Georgia, გაუმარჯოს საქართველოს!
ADMIN. Give proportion players and regions open blank regions or countries as no man's land to conquer give a kind of special status to the employer player as well as the special status exists for the player warrior
worldmap stolen from - great job!
yea, maybe instead of everything taking from other games, make something your self, other than snowflakes.. Dont get us wrong, we love game we came from, not everything as there are few major mistakes there for average joe.. dont do same thing here, so good ideas we dont mind if they are copied, but come on copy/paste entire game?? Also why some countries have 15-20-50 territories while others have 3?? that is huge advantage for one, and disadvantage for others. Make game more balanced for every nation.. at most 3-9 teritories per country, no need for 50.. And if you think US has 50 or so states, so thats why you implemented that, why than Brasil didnt get more, why Russia didnt get more (btw do some research and see how many states russia has, they are just not called states)
Interesting new rule proposal: except capital region of nation B, if an occupied region by nation A is failed to be liberated by nation B 10 times ij a row, nation B attach this region to cores. Lets give another dimention to warfares
"nation B attach this region to cores." Typo...nation A attach this region to cores is what i meant. My bad.
That moment when you realize, that eRevollution has stolen the worldmap from
Hi. My country is completely occupied by another one. The MU of my choice, however, is still showing as its location "Slovakia", and I can't join it, because it says I have to be in the country where the MU is located. Also, the link on the bottom of the page that says "Support" always leads to the page on which you currently are.