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The British Workers Party
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I am sorry I did not subscribe to your newspaper. If you write interesting articles and I find them relevant, I WILL bother to subscribe. Unfortunately, The eRev world is already consumed with medals and how many subscribers they can get. I have just had an angry message from a Romanian Newspaper with a readership of 750 people. I said readership, however there is no article and I am pretty certain that 749 of those people were only subscribing for the medal, with the other person only going on there to check how many clicks they have acquired.

I am not being ungreatful, I just do not have the time to spam message boards with my sub4sub requests, then spitefully unsubscribe when my article-less newspaper is not getting the mutual spam being generated. eRev should be better than this. I have edited this article since it was originally penned, and already I have had five sub4sub requests, which just proves that people are not even bothering to read the content.

I have read some intellectual, humorous, and downright hillarious articles here. The fact I found them is BECAUSE of the content, not because of a hollow button clicking exercise. The cream rises to the top.

Thank you to all those who subscribe for content. You will be the ones who will make eRev into a success for years to come.

Kind Regards,




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well said Smile
o/ nice article... good message... sub4sub? (just a joke Laugh)
voted, subbed and endorsed
Thankyou for the kind words!
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