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Hey look an Update article. Its been a couple of weeks since I became the President, and enough has probably happened for me to give a full update as opposed to keeping everyone posted on the party and Military Feeds.

UK Armed Forces Update

Using 125 gold of public money and 80 gold from my own purse, the UKAF now has a decent supply structure going, producing food and weapons each day. 

Our current supply policy of stockpiling these resources for important battles as much as possible continues, and we now have a stockpile of over 14,000 energy units and 1600 weapons of various calibres. Soldiers that need food to complete their daily order are urged to contact myself and I will give out what we can- please only take what you need :)

If anyone else is willing to donate gold/factories to the UKAF to help grow our supplies, please do so- every little helps :)

Financial Update

The last couple of weeks have seen quite a bit of movement with our money, as we have used it to open battles against Norway, fund supply factories and sign MPPs. 

Another scheme which we have set up is a currency conversion scheme for all UK citizens. If you have surplus gold but not much currency, then you can donate it to me; I will stick it in the treasury and it will then be re-issued as currency (1g=200gbp). 

If anyone is interested to know about what a specific sum of money was used for, then ask in the comments and I will be happy to help :)

Foreign Affairs Update

The Foreign Affairs situation across the world is far from settled, though there are distinct blocks developing. The UK is yet to agree to any alliance charter, and we are being patient and seeking not to rush into things. I hope we can have more news over the next week. 

In the mean time keep following the DO set by the Ministry of Defence, and be wary about hitting too much elsewhere. 


The impeachment law is due to my only having one proposal left as CP to use, and this will refresh once Aaron takes the reigns back over. 


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Thank you for the update. I have replied to your reply to my article on my article. Try saying that after a few drinks...
Good update, keep up the communication.
Sexy news.