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Hello peoples of eRevolution.

So we have the official U.S. Cabinet, lead by BioHaze as the first U.S. President on eRev.
Cabinet List

Next I would also like to say that we are open to all allies and alliances to go under review.
We have begun work on our Embassy and have agreed to allow the representatives of each country that comes forward access in the U.S. Forums.
We have a section dedicated to foreign affairs, which will list all ambassadors, allies, proposed problems, and our assessments of other countries.

Thanks to BioHaze we have a well functioning an well producing market. This means we have SURPLUS, ANY COUNTRY WANTING TO BUY GUNS OR FOOD PM ME!!! WE ARE HAPPY TO EXPORT TO YOU. WE CAN ALSO NEGOTIATE THE SALE OF TANKS!!!!!!!!

So that concludes this article pls like and share, look forward to spending more time with you guys.

~Vice-President Covow


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