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Published in United States of America - Political debates and analysis - 27 Jan 2016 22:03 - 9

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Hello fellow citizens,

We started off the herculian task of building our country and there was a lot to do. An economy to shape, foreign affairs decisions to make, an entire military to set and a domestic policy that is focused on helping the new players. Not everything went as planned this term. 

We still need to make improvements in our economy, set up a clear tax policy that allows business to thrive and the government to get enough to run the budget. We need to export our goods so that more gold migrates into the country. We need to control the currency value and the market to prevent sudden inflations or deflations and give stability to our nation. We need investment and manpower.

We need to increase our manpower by relying on recruitment and bring more american players into the game. We need to make sure we have a clear Department of Interior and Educational reforms for our new players to learn their way around the game. We need to increase our production and supply of food so that each person can fight more times and do hopefully more than the usual Daily Order.

We need to find ways to increase our fire power and oil up our military, do coordinated attacks and strike hard for the alliance. We need a war of our own so that our players can earn true patriot medals and military ranks as well. 

What is yet to be done this term, will not be placed aside on the next!

We cannot continue to ignore the tasks we still have ahead. It is with the aim of improving our country and erase the "we needs" to convert them into "we have" that I have decided to run for the office of President of the United States of America!

Within the next days of my campaign, we will get in deph on my plans for the country and a cabinet will be introduced as well! 

I personally don't care about your political affiliation, if you have ideas and willingness to work to make America succeed then feel free to message me with the Department you'd wish to work with the most, a little about yourself, your experience if any and possible ideas and projects you may be thinking of. Every message will be looked into and considered. 

If you have questions about the game, I will also give the assistance I can in the best of my ability. 

Thank you all for your support and kind regards,


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o> Hope and freedom for all eAmericans o> VOTE FOR ABE O>
Propose Natural Enemy please! And start some war. I'm out of proposals myself.
Support o7
Me, BarackStar approve this message!
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