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Hello all!

We won the basketball game 67-53! Be sure to come back on 2/2/2016 to try to win gold (see below for how) when the Butler Bulldogs will play Georgetown!
I do not have much to report today besides things going on in my own personal life.  It has been a rough week at Butler University, but I am hoping to turn that all around tonight as our basketball team plays DePaul University.  We were just recently ranked as a top 15 team in the USA, until we got to conference (Big East Conference).  We are now un-ranked, but this game tonight can be a major turning point.  I hope that you will watch the game, and if you can find me in the crowd and send me a picture of who you think I am, I will give the FIRST person to guess correctly...........1 gold. The game starts at 7 pm ET in the USA today (1/27/2016) and I have the link below to watch it online (if you do not have it on TV). I suggest watching it on TV, so you can pause and scan the crowds. Your only hints for this game (there will be future games) is that I am a male and I will be located at one of the ends of the court in the student section ( and will be every game), so look there on free throws or closeups of our student section.  If you think you found me, tell me what I look like (what I was wearing and specific features must perfectly match) or send a screenshot of me (or at least your guess) if possible.

Link to game stats on Sportscenter: Butler vs. DePaul 1/27/2016
Look for me at the game: FIND ME IF YOU CAN

Week 1:
Male and in student section (behind one of the baskets).
Week 2: TBA
Week 1: None
Week 2: TBA
Basketball Game Winners:

1/27/2016: Butler University (BU) vs. DePaul University: Butler 67 - DePaul 53

Stay trippy and good luck,

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POLE Sub & V
lol, good luck with finding him. DePaul wins.
We won Wink
lets ISIS catch U xD