The Melting Pot

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If you consider yourself a citizen of this great country,
message me on here for the link to the national registry, and take the time to fill it out and update it daily (if possible whenever you log on/off).  If we keep this updated, our government should be able to efficiently use this for policy, trading, and coordinating wars.  Once you guys save the link, updating it daily should not be too much of a hle since you will be changing very little personal information from day to day. Thank you for your time, and let me know what you think of the registry along with any suggestions!

PM me to get the link to the registry. I ask this in an effort to prevent other countries from altering it. It also allows me to verify that you live in the USA on here. 

If you live outside the USA and read this, feel free to do that same thing for your country! All I ask is that you give credit in your article. :)

Stay trippy,

Update v1.1: Added "Citizen" column for allies/members of our military that are not citizens, but friends of our country.
Update v1.2: Completely remade the spreadsheet into a form for easier answering.
Update v1.3: Allowed members to see results on a spreadsheet after completion.

BONUS: A song for anyone that likes funk/groovy music: New Orleans (SONG)


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