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One Button Illusion | Day 16 | Issue 1

Dear readers,

Welcome to the One Button Illusion. In recent days, the World Press has been swarmed with sub-For-sub articles, no content, just for medals. Perfectly legitimate, and perfectly useless and boring. Here’s a list and a short overview of world press you might get interested in, either as a single read, or a subscription. I would definitely recommend unsubbing all those newspapers that were opened exclusively for the medal, and, instead, giving these guys a sub – they deserve it! I am not at all surprised that many of the articles and newspapers featured below have a small number of subs – you can change this easily, and thus give a reason to those journalists to keep up the good work. Unlike those sub-for-sub articles, these gives really deserve those medals.

Note: many of the articles listed are written in non-English languages, thus requiring a translation service – this is, in case you are not aware, quite easy with the help of services like google translate (if you use Chrome, just press the right button and choose the option to translate into English); the translation is quite sufficient to understand what the authors are talking about.
Note 2: if you are having trouble reading the end of the lines, just close the right side menu by clicking on the menu icon (those 3 lines before messages).

Trolling articles :)

Let's begin with Welcome to Lithuania Stockholm

Following the Swedish CP's article,  where Sweden is trying to tell Poland that their are still friends despite the Sweden-Serbia MPP, blaming it all on Lithuania, Lithuania decided it's time for a showdown. Result? Trolling-mode on :)

Or as one commentator pointed out:

For those of you who have played that other game (v), same old, same old :)

More trolling you want, huuummm?
Wanna know more?... yes, you’ve guessed it: Polandball! :)

Finally, oh-ho-hoooo


In the past few days, we have witnessed the birth of alliances:

The Baltic Alliance (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)

EAGLE (Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Ukraine, Italy, BiH, Albania, Poland, Georgia, USA and Brazil)

NEXUS (final list of members difficult to ascertain - source 1: Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia; source 2: possibly including Romania, China, Hungary and Argentina; source 3: thefollowing additional members: Venezuela and Indonesia (no Argentia and China)) – how about an official bulletin NEXUS?? (BPE!!)

Serious Articles :(
How to avoid PTW model – Pay-to-Win, where the author gives an example on how money could be earned without placing the people who cannot afford to buy gold into a disadvantageous position

USA CP Election Interviews

Excellent statistics
Stronkest Kuntris in z World (based on at least at least 300,000 damage per fighter)

How a country can earn money by being organized and disciplined

Kosovo– or what Balkans is like when people start arguing -in case you are wondering why in every single game it plays out the same

Excellent national analysis of the possible MPPs (Turkey)

Excellent national analysis of strategic resources and national production and spending needs (Serbia)

Excellent World Population Analysis
Detailed national report (Poland)

Good national report (USA)

It’s 1918 all over again – the Fall of Austria (orchestrated by Croatia, and reported by the “self-appointed Austrian CP, who just happens to be Croatian)

Game philosophy The eRevollution essence

How to disable PTO (food for thought and good discussion in the comments) - hmmmmm...
Game Mechanics

New situation in Norway - Causes and Solutions - People of Norway are somewhat upset as, due to the game mechanics, only 5 citizens were able to vote before Norway got wiped off the map (tnx Britain).
What is worrying for Norway is that the author state that 75% of Norweigans did not make it in time to vote – so, how many citizens of Norway does that make in total?
What’s even more worrying is that the Siths almost took control!

Organizations – one of many articles on the same subject, offering a number of reasons in favor of the introduction of organizations into the game.

First Damage Calculator.

Nice and short basic tutorial.

In case you were wondering over the translation of “kisses”:

And, finally, black market? Why not!

Tnx for reading!

Hope to see you in the next issue too!


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