Sins Of Our Fathers

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So I m new to this specific game. (eRep oldie) I m also aware that this game is fairly new, with all that in mind please read on.

I ve noticed going through the news that there are many complaints about the devs setting up a p2w my personal opinion on this is that this game is a geopolitical simulator. Keeping that in mind I don t think there is any sort of situation in which a person could buy their way into congress. (unless of course their doing gold handouts and then it s more of a... come on bro... what are you doing with your life.) Sure their doing more damage then the rest of us, but then isn t it congress job to find a way to organize them?

Moving onto congress itself. I do like how a budget was set out explaining what the money would be spend on, but a personal idea of mine that never seems to get implicated. How about instead of spending 500 dollars on weapons and food that the government is handing out, we find a way to lower the price of food and weapons to the general public.

This has a couple of benefits but I ll focus on what I think is the best of them. For starters it allows our government to invest their money wisely. Speaking broadly the country with the best economy beats all. If the citizens can afford to feed and arm themselves without government assistance, it means we can defend ourselves with the basics as well.

Elaborating off of the previous paragraph if the government no longer has to spend the money on food and weapons contracts then it saves around 1000 right there (just an estimate) that alone is enough to buy it s own companies and as such get more supplies flowing through the market. At this point we could set up contracts with other countries and have more money flowing into ours.

Like I said, I m new to this specific game, but I feel as if these are some legitimate thoughts that could be looked at. Let me know what you think in the comments below



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